How To Reverse An Apple Body Shape: Celebrities, Style, Diet
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7 Sep

How to reverse an apple body shape and make it look attractive: Celebrities, Diet and Style

Are you struggling with your apple body shape?

Here is your diet and style advice!

Many would consider the apple body shape to be one of the most unfortunate body types. Even slender women and girls with such a body have to constantly control their weight. However, everything is not as bad as it sounds. In order to bring your figure closer to the ideal, you need to choose suitable diets, workouts and make volitional efforts to stay in shape. To highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses, there are a number of style guidelines to consider as well. Appropriate apple body shape clothing and well-chosen accessories work wonders on you.

What is an apple body shape?

Such a figure can be compared to a circle.

The following features of the apple body are distinguished:

  • rather thin arms;
  • the width of the chest is the same as the volume of the hips;
  • poorly defined waist;
  • a tendency to the appearance of “fatty deposits” on the abdomen;
  • slender legs that are usually quite long;
  • the same volume of hips and shoulders;
  • flat buttocks.

It is believed that women with a round body type are always overweight. However, this is not the case, the body of the apple can be quite slender. There are two types of such a female figure.

A typical “apple” has the following characteristics:

  • small buttocks;
  • a tendency to accumulate fatty deposits in the abdomen;
  • medium-sized chest;
  • the hips are practically equal in width to the waist.

Another variation of this type is the “vase”.

Its characteristic features are as follows:

  • tendency to accumulate fatty deposits on the sides;
  • the same width of the hips and chest;
  • large breasts;
  • rather large buttocks that can protrude a little;
  • poorly defined waist.
  • Many people confuse the “rectangle” with the “apple” shape.

However, the latter type can be easily recognized by its characteristic features: a rather large chest and a protruding belly.

How to achieve perfect forms for an apple body shape

Of course, it is very important to choose a wardrobe successfully, but this is not enough for ladies with a rounded figure. They have to keep in shape all the time, exercise, and eat right. It is worth considering recommendations regarding diet and exercise.

Apple Body Shape Diet

Usually, women with an apple-type figure have a low metabolic rate. Losing weight is difficult even if your food intake is moderate. To lose weight, overweight women with a rounded figure should include foods rich in vitamins and minerals on their menu. The number of carbohydrates should be reduced.

It is recommended to regularly consume the following foods:

  • low-fat cottage cheese, as well as kefir;
  • lean fish or meat; on the day when you eat fish try to avoid meat intake;
  • raw vegetables for a salad + a lot of greenery like rucula;
  • soy products are rich in fito-estrogen, so it’s better to avoid that for the time being as well as animal milk. Instead of animal production try almond, coconut or aotmeal milk;
  • whole grain cereals;
  • not very sweet fruits and berries like grapefruits, blackberries,etc.

From drinks, you can use natural juices and herbal teas. Coffee without sugar is encouraged, however, you can always substitute 1 spoon of sure for 1 spoon of honey or xylitol.

What is really beneficial for you is green tea or matcha in the morning. It has natural antioxidants that help a lot when it comes to wellbeing and fat loss.

My favorite ones are:

The use of the following products will need to be minimized:

  • bakery like croissants;
  • sweets like muffins;
  • starchy foods such as potatoes;
  • animal fats;

  • You should definitely have breakfast. In the morning, it is better to eat cereals and unsweetened fruits (I use oatmeal with water and 1 tb spoon of honey + fruits or berries).
  • Snacks should be avoided.
  • It is recommended to eat 3-4 times a day. A few hours before bedtime, you should refrain from eating.
  • It is impossible for women with such a figure to starve, otherwise the metabolism will slow down even more.
  • It is also not recommended to resort to the use of enemas, diuretic drinks, laxatives. They can negatively affect the digestive system and water-salt balance.

Excercices for an apple body shape

The waist and stomach are the most problematic areas for ladies with a rounded figure. It is rather difficult for an apple body to reduce the volume in this part of the body.

To remove a large belly, you must perform the following exercises:

  • weightlifting;
  • body rotation and side bending, twisting;
  • swing of the press;
  • stretching like yoga;
  • exercises with a hula hoop.

You can ride a bike, swim more, and run more to build muscle above and below. Some people think that regular abs workouts will be enough to improve the apple shape, but this is not the case. The body should look harmonious, which means that you need to pay attention to all areas.

It is not recommended to forget about the back, or rather, about its muscles. How the waist will look largely depends on them.

Treatments for an apple body shape

Many women with a rounded figure often perform warming and cooling procedures. They are more suitable for pears. “Apples” should be given special attention to tightening the skin, because it tends to lose tone after weight loss. It is necessary to provide it with nutrients, improve blood circulation in the tissues. It is recommended to undergo a session of massage and mesotherapy. Such procedures make the skin more elastic, prevent sagging, and accelerate the process of burning fat.

Particular attention should be paid to the breasts. It can also sag due to weight loss. It is recommended to take a cold shower regularly, use a tightening cream.

You should train in a good supportive bra.

How to dress an apple body shape

The main goal is to emphasize beautiful breasts, slender legs and hide the prominent belly. Clothing included in the basic wardrobe should slim the body, visually make it longer, which can be done by means of ornament, color separation, cut.

Dresses for an apple body shape

You should not wear tight and shapeless things.

For women with a rounded figure, the following options are suitable:

  • bustier dress;
  • oblique cut, asymmetry;
  • balloon;
  • A-silhouette;

    It is worth choosing not straight, but semi-fitted dresses. If the shoulders are quite massive, then models with wide straps are suitable, if everything is fine with them, then narrow ones.
  • In the summer season, young girls with a rounded figure look great in flying sundresses. An excellent option for special occasions is the Empire style evening model.

However, it should be borne in mind that such dresses are more suitable for women of a typical apple body type.

Blouses & tops for apple body shape

A lady with an “apple” figure can choose flare loose blouses, tops with draperies, on a yoke for her wardrobe. An option that does not fit at all is classic shirts. You can opt for combined models, layering.

If you really like shirts, you should wear unbuttoned jackets, Chanel-style jackets, vests over them. Do not fasten the top buttons on the shirt collar.

You can wear rather long cardigans without a belt, sweatshirts, loose short sweaters, or oversized models.

Ladies whose neck is short should choose clothes without a collar. You can wear tunics that highlight beautiful legs and hide problem areas. It is not recommended to wear knitted blouses with through fasteners, noodle sweaters, tight turtlenecks.

Shorts and trousers for apple body shape

A woman with an “apple” figure, who wants to dress in such a way as to emphasize her advantages in appearance, can hardly do without trousers.

For ladies whose legs are slender and hips are neat, almost any model is suitable, namely:

  • models tapering at the bottom or straight;
  • chino with low waist and tucks;
  • high-waisted trousers;
  • classic patterns with arrows.

A loose top is recommended. It is better to wear a tunic, blouse, top with trousers, which will fall off in light folds. A flare can be chosen if the trousers are made of thin fabric. Jeans should be selected using the same principle.

You can wear classic straight models, skinny and boyfriends. The classic will be complemented by a blazer jacket, a modern model – a tunic, or a loose T-shirt. For slender women with an “apple” figure, a wide variety of sweatpants and shorts are suitable. Ladies of average build can also wear such clothes, but only if the top is fairly loose.

For overweight women, it is better to choose pants made of thick knitwear or thin material, for example, knee-length Bermuda shorts.

Skirts for an apple body shape

There should not be any accents in the abdomen. If the skirt is fluffy, you can tuck a blouse into it, but you should put on a blazer, vest, or jacket on top. With a narrow skirt, the blouse should be worn outside.

The following models are best suited for apples:

  • Straight skirt with a slit or slot;
  • Pencil;
  • A-line;
  • Envelope skirt;
  • Tulip.

  • Sun flares won’t work if your belly sticks out too much. You can choose the above models if these body parts are not problematic. As for the length, it is better to choose options just below or above the knee, but this rule is not very strict.

Outerwear for apple body shape

With the onset of cold weather, the “apple” figure can significantly grow thinner or become spherical – it all depends on how the woman knows how to dress.

The following options allow you to combine style and comfort:

  • fur coats – straight, fur with short pile;
  • jackets – shortened;
  • jackets – men’s blazers, long single-breasted, related to the Chanel style;
  • the oversized coat, balloon, double-breasted jacket, straight;
  • raincoats – straight trench coat without collar and belt, A-silhouette.
  • For an “apple”, a straight cut and a trapezoid are well suited. You should not choose models with large hoods, belts, large buttons.

Swimwear for apple body shape

The best option for ladies with a rounded figure is a one-piece swimsuit.

It is recommended to choose models such as:

  • longitudinal stripes in the center (they should be quite bright);
  • material with a small pattern, fabrics that do not shine, monochromatic options;
  • wide strings or straps in the neck area;
  • side inserts (it is better to choose contrasting ones);
  • V-shaped or square cutout.
  • You should not choose horizontal stripes, variegated patterns, light colors. For ladies who are not slim, tankinis, swimwear-dresses are suitable. If the model is still separate, it is worth complementing it with a hat with wide brim, a dress for the beach, a pareo. Such items are distracting.

What cannot be worn by apply body shape?

Some things are completely contraindicated for ladies with an “apple” figure.

The following wardrobe elements make such women less attractive:

  • rounded deep neckline;
  • rough and transparent textured materials;
  • thin belts for “vases”, all belts for “apples”;
  • flounces, sleeves, distinguished by splendor;
  • tight or too loose items;
  • tightly buttoned, voluminous collars are not suitable for women whose neck is short;
  • perfectly straight dresses;
  • large geometric patterns, large flowers.
  • Low-waisted trousers and short skirts can only be worn by very slender and long-legged “apples”.

Short jackets are not suitable for overweight ladies with an “apple” figure.

Shoes and accessories for apple body shape

It is recommended to choose models with heels. The ideal option is a hairpin. Platforms, shoes with wide heels are not suitable for the “apple” figure. If stability is a priority, you should opt for a wedge. The sole may be flat, but this option is more preferable for slender girls and the summer period.

You should not choose a very small or very large bag. The best option is strict geometry and medium size. It is very good if the bag is not the same color as the shoes, but at the same time, it is in harmony with it. To highlight the neckline, you can use unusual earrings, several rows of chains, large brooches. The owner of a long neck can wear shawls, stoles, scarves. However, they should not be wrapped too tightly, they should hang down.

Textures and shades

Much depends on the type of fabric. It can visually slim down or create extra volume. Don’t choose stretch, sheer, rough-textured fabrics.

For “apples”, smooth, easily draped materials are suitable, which are distinguished by their softness:

  • silk;
  • knitted;
  • thin linen;
  • woolen crepe;
  • cotton.

  • It is recommended to abandon pastel colors and choose dark colors – black, rich green, brownish, deep purple, burgundy, dark blue. Contrasts of top and bottom are not suitable for an apple body shape. Too small and too large prints will be fat. If you really like them, you should place them not in the abdomen, but below and above it.

Suitable options for ladies with a rounded figure are an oblique cage, a thin strip along the length, and polka dots.

Apple Body Shape Celebrities

A woman with an “apple” figure can choose clothes so that she looks very attractive and stylish. Foreign celebrities who are well-versed in the fashion world can be cited as an example.

All of the stars listed below have a rounded figure, but the flaws in their silhouette are hidden thanks to well-chosen clothes.

Britney Spears is prone to obesity, and she has been struggling with being overweight for a long time. Thanks to persistent training, the singer manages to maintain good shape, besides, she usually selects successful outfits. Britney chose a contrast insert that hides the flaws of the problem area.

Kelly Clarkson was quite slim and graceful in the early 2000s. Then she became a mom and gained extra weight. The singer does not suffer from complexes but chooses outfits that smooth out the fullness well.

Queen Latifah is a rap artist and actress who dresses tastefully and beautifully, even though her figure does not match the ideal parameters.




Follow these examples to look good

A good option that well hides the flaws of a rounded figure is a wrap dress.

Chanel jackets look very stylish, such clothes allow you to create a very interesting image.

A long semi-fitted tunic visually slims, it perfectly hides the problem area.

Asymmetry is one of the best options for those with rounded shapes.

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