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15 Aug

Deep Winter Vs Bright Winter: Can You Wear Autumn & Spring Colors?

deep winter vs bright winter
Are you wondering how to distinguish between deep winter vs bright winter? This article will answer your doubts! How to decipher between deep winter vs bright winter? Winter is the time when nature almost "freezes in time," resting from the deep, rich saturated colors of the warm season and plunging into the cold. Winter color type can be called the brightest and most contrasting type of appearance. Among others, the Winter color type representatives are the easiest to recognize and identify. The vast majority of those who are called "femme fatal" belong to the winter season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrpm6nM8_TQ In such women, the contrast between the color of the three main indicators of appearance is most clearly visible: hair, eyes and skin and...
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30 Oct

Cute iPad Pro Wallpapers: Pink, Girly & Artsy

iPad Pro Wallpapers
Say “Hello” To Cute iPad Pro Wallpapers! Today I am giving my artwork for free download for your beloved iPad Pro You cannot find those cute iPad Pro wallpapers anywhere else because I created some digital art for your tablet. You can download them for free and send your friend. Remember: Caring is sharing  Pretty, cute, fashionable, and artful wallpapers can also be beautiful and pink color on the screen of your iPad! I made them work well for you. Be stylish even if the day is boring and you don’t feel sparkly. These wallpapers are made to make your mood and life more beautiful, fashionable, and pink! To save the wallpapers for your background: On iPad: Hold down on the picture and save the...
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8 Oct

How To Get An Hourglass Figure: Celebrities, Diet, Style

How to get an hourglass figure
Are you wondering how to get an hourglass figure? Here is what you need to know! Feminine forms of the figure called hourglass at all times were considered one of the most attractive and desirable. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, moderate physical activity, as well as the right clothing can be invaluable in striving to achieve ideal parameters. How To Get An Hourglass FigureHow To Get An Hourglass FigureHow To Get An Hourglass Figure Description of an hourglass figure Before proceeding to the description of the parameters of the "hourglass" shape, you should understand the existing types. The female figure can be of several types, which can be determined by external signs. In the form of a rectangle. With this physique, the dimensions of the hips,...
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27 Jun

INVERNO BRILHANTE: Paleta De Cores Para Roupa E Maquiagem

inverno brilhante
Você está a perguntar se você tem uma paleta de cores de inverno brilhante? Eu cuido para você com essas respostas de um estilista e artista Inverno Brilhante é vívida, brilhante e tem alto contraste. Essas cores são menos neutras, mais brilhantes e chamam a atenção. Como o inverno é uma estação fria, tem tonalidade fria e o tom principal é frio. Se você quiser entender melhor, imagine uma Branca de Neve do conto de fadas “Branca de Neve e 7 anões”. A pele dela era como a neve, as bochechas tinham um tom vermelho natural, o cabelo preto como breu criava um contraste forte e os olhos também eram muito escuros. Ela estava usando um vestido azul marinho e uma fita de...
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12 Apr

True Summer Color Palette: Which Colors Work The Best For Your Skin And Wardrobe

True Summer Color Palette
Are you wondering what a True Summer Color Palette is? This is what a fashion stylist and artist tells you! The most muted and blatant of all summer color palettes is True Summer. It's in-between the Light Summer and Soft Summer Palette. However, the True Summer is a bit deeper and more saturated than the surrounding ones. Just imagine it's a scorching summer day, and you see the sky getting grey and dark. After a while, you see it's storming with the wind. Instead of the hot sunny day, you experience rain, and suddenly everything looks grey. The True Summer is all interwind with this rainy greyness. It's blatant color with grey coolness. https://youtu.be/87d0rF3RS_Q true summer color palette True Summer Color Palette The True Summer Color Palette  The...
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26 Feb

Best Etsy Picks Tabi Boots: Designer Inspired

Tabi Boots
Those split-toe boots caught your heart? No worries! I got the best Tabi boots! *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. Looking for Designer Inspired Tabi Boots? Here is what you need to know before you get those! These craftsmen are known for luxury 'made in Italy' avant-garde style and deconstructed ready-to-wear items. This season's obvious choice is a white cotton casual day dress or a leather biker jacket together with Tabi boots. The boots are featuring a split toe and a wide heel. The price of the luxury ones might rise up...
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19 Jun

How to dress for an interview women! A stylist tells

what to wear to a job interview for ladies
So you have finally got an interview! Congratulations! Now how Should I dress to make a great impression to get that job? *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. How to dress for an interview for women? Here I have a great choice for you. But first, let's clarify what is appropriate to wear to an interview for a woman? How to dress for an interview women Let's not beat around the bush and make it clear that if you are going to an office that is highly advisable to look professional. At any institution, you...
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