How To Dress For An Interview Women! A Stylist Tells
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19 Jun

How to dress for an interview women! A stylist tells

what to wear to a job interview for ladies

So you have finally got an interview! Congratulations!

Now how Should I dress to make a great impression to get that job?

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How to dress for an interview for women? Here I have a great choice for you. But first, let’s clarify what is appropriate to wear to an interview for a woman?

How to dress for an interview women
How to dress for an interview women

Let’s not beat around the bush and make it clear that if you are going to an office that is highly advisable to look professional. At any institution, you are supposed to be a professional, but also to look exactly like a high-end expert. So what kind of an outfit will make you look professional and highly convincing?

There is a pallet of colors that look sharper than others. For example, choosing a yellow summer dress with floral print might not be the best decision you ever made. That outfit will translate into a wrong message about you. Your employer will think you are not suitable for the job because of the beach or the party mood of the outfit.

What outfit you can consider for an office interview?

A black and white color palette will always be a win-win situation for any interview that exists out there. Especially the installation like the office you should consider a strick color. I have chosen a white loose cotton shirt and black palazzo pants.

Why you should wear Palazzo pants to an interview

Palazzo pants might be your perfect choice not only for an interview but also for everyday life! Palazzo pants will not make you too formal and still polished enough to get the job. The dark color will emphasize your waist, but not the whole body. After all, it’s not a birthday party event. Be professional – act professionally. You should understand that bright color will distract the person opposite to you and will not make you look presentable.

Why you need to wear a white shirt to an interview

If you are not going to an interview to be a lawyer, then you can let yourself wear a loose shirt. Something flaunty will always look nice and elegant. You can even pay attention to silk blouses. Try to stick to cotton, silk, linen fabrics. It will always be a great idea in summer!

And just before you go to the interview, check how you could become more confident and proud of yourself.

Good luck at your interview!

Iryna Fedorchak

Throwing my fashion & color philosophy like confetti ;)