Beach Waves With Flat Iron: My 2 Minutes Routine
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23 Feb

The Best Beach Waves With Flat Iron: My 2 minutes routine for fast results!

Beach Waves With Flat Iron
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When it comes to dealing with long hair, I just cannot bother if it takes longer than 2 minutes! I choose Beach Waves With Flat Iron

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Beach Waves With Flat Iron

Here is what I do with long hair when I wan to create beach waves fast or just want to change something by adding up a little volume and fun. The simplest way is to do it with plain braids. Well, you don’t have to use heat if you are against it. Wash your hair, dry it out, make a couple of braids and leave it over night. Technically you will receive the same result as on the video.

However, if you are the person that totally dislikes to wait (I get it, It is me), use this super fast method. In order to keep this hairdo with long duration, I use a moulding cream for hair. I does not need to be expensive, just something that you can grab easily at your local store or Amazon.

So, as you see I have brushed the hair in order to avoid tangles. Then I sprayed it with heat protectant (or a detangles ) in order to make hair smooth enough for a hairdo. I made 4 braids and applied a pea size of a moulding cream for hair.

After it all, I started straightening braids with a vaporising flat iron. I love this flat iron because it doesn’t damage the structure of the hair. The one that I use contains water filler that needs to be refilled every time I use it. It’s from RushBrush and you can also find it at Amazon (down below).

P.S.: Great choice for Coachella 😉


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