Celebrities That Are 5,3 And Smaller With A Personal Style
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29 Dec

Celebrities that are 5,3 and smaller with a personal style!

Are you wondering how celebrities that are 5,3 look so stylish?

This article has all the answers!

Celebrities that are 5,3 or short height celebrities: women who have a lot to learn from.

I decided to devote this post to such a topic as short height celebrities. Now I will explain why I want to talk to you about the starlets.

Despite their short stature, these women were able to achieve success, have a dazzling career, and, most importantly, their fashion taste can only be envied! Please note that they did not begin to complain about a short height of theirs, and inevitably, you start to think that the career of a top model is not the most essential thing in life! After all, shorties are always more successful and look younger!

So, are you curious about their little success stories and style secrets? Then let’s get started!

A shortie well dressed!

Most of the stars, if they had complexes about their height before, are now proud that they are taller than many others leaving behind many competitors.

So, the most petite height ranges from around 150 cm to 160 cm(4,11 to 5,3 inches). First, let’s get acquainted with foreign stars who have won their place in the sun and are recognized as style icons.


She is 156 cm tall and weighs 46 kg.

Everyone remembers the acquaintance with Shakira and her famous song “Whenever Whenever” perfectly well. The Colombian singer has made her song “Waka Waka” one of the most viewed on Youtube. The singer has many honorary music awards from MTV, Grammy, Latin Grammy, Billboard Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Shakira wears tight jeans, short dresses, and high-heeled shoes with a hidden platform in everyday life. Her height visually seems higher due to the shoes.

On the red carpet, the singer mostly flaunts in shiny sequin dresses. Her long and toned body is challenging to spoil with more shine, which gives additional volume. Because she wears such bright outfits, she minimizes the number of accessories.

Pay attention to the photo, how much longer the legs look with shoes, even with a strap, but not contrasting with the color of the legs!

Nicole Richie

Height – 157 cm, weight 42 kg. Quite a petite Nicole also managed to conquer show business. She works as an actress, singer, producer, fashion model and designer. She is the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie. Nicole’s godparents are Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

Nicole was complex about her height for a long time, as she believed that any extra kilogram on her body was very noticeable. But, now she has fallen in love with her body, leads a healthy lifestyle, goes in for sports, and raises children.

Let’s take a look at how she dresses in everyday life.

Nicole prefers comfortable clothes, but recently, she can be seen in boho-style outfits. I have already said several times that the boho style is excellent for small ones!

But on the red carpet, Nicole wears long floor-length dresses. She also tries to straighten and style her hair to look neat.

And so, it is better not to over-dress!

As you can see, Nicole looks lower in these photos, and her legs are shorter. Therefore, try not to “cut” the length of the legs with the wrong shoes and beware of trousers with a “cuff” and low waist.

Kylie Minogue

The singer and actress, originally from Australia, is the happy owner of a small stature, which is 152 cm, while her weight is 49 kg. Kylie has a rich creative life, during which she manages to act in films, give musical tours and shoot video clips. Kylie has the Order of the British Empire, which was personally presented to her by Prince Charles. Now let’s take a quick look at her style.

In everyday life, Kylie wears long skirts and dresses. She chooses more soothing colors of clothes.

The singer knows how to chicly combine loose pants and jeans with a classic coat or trench coat. Fashion editors dubbed Kylie’s style “Parisian chic.”

For special events, the singer wears both short and long dresses. Please note that she chooses a slightly loose fit that gracefully emphasizes all the advantages of her figure. Also, Kylie does not burden her images with jewellery.

Famous socialites and fashion designers

Now let’s talk about Kim Kardashian and Mary-Kate, and Ashley Fuller Olsen.

Kim Kardashian

Kim, unlike her sisters, does not have model parameters, nor she is tall, but nevertheless, the star of the reality show “The Kardashian Family” has managed to become one of the most famous in the world!

The socialite often appears on the covers of glossy editions of the world format, and on Instagram, she has 58 million subscribers! But one way or another, Kim does not leave the stripes of glossy magazines and Internet pages. Her height is 159 cm.

Now, let’s look at the secrets of style using the example of Kim Kardashian.

Previously, Kim wore leggings with various cuts, shiny dresses, and many jewellery pieces. Such outfits visually made her height lower and the beauty herself thicker. Also, the socialite preferred neon outfits, flared skirts and jeans. Thus, it was seen that she was small in stature.

Now her style has changed a lot, and he deserves to be taken as an example with Kim. She wears the following:

  • high-waisted trousers and pencil skirts;
  • tight dresses below the knee and pencil skirts;
  • also, Kim prefers to wear outfits with neutral or muted shades.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen

Despite the fact that Mary-Kate and Ashley are twin sisters, their height and weight differ. The first sister is 157 cm tall and weighs 41 kg, while the second sister is 155 cm tall and weighs 40 kg. The Olsen sisters have made a dazzling career in the field of cinema, and now they are designers, producers and filmmakers.

I insist on considering their style.

The sisters prefer Street Style and boho chic. Their look consists of sunglasses, tote bags, oversized sweaters, boots, baggy trousers or a skirt. They also often combine expensive branded and inexpensive clothing in one outfit.

Mary-Kate is considered the queen of boho chic, which is why the New York Times called her “style icon”.

So let’s see the photo.

Not fussy, but eye-catching! Mary-Kate Olsen has created an amazing casual look that looks luxurious at the same time.

Looking at the previous photos, it becomes clear that every girl can adapt their style, but sisters prefer to wear black outfits for special events. Thanks to this, they look stylish and elegant.

The best working duo – black color and style of a dress to the floor.

General style rules for 5,3 women

After analyzing most of the photographs of the stars, I have come up with a few general rules that you can take into account.

If these famous women of the world were able to become famous and loved, then why not use their rules and create the perfect wardrobe?

The right clothes and shoes. Graceful heels can make any short woman taller. If you are 150 cm (4,11) and put on shoes with heels up to 12 cm, your height will be 162 cm. At the same time, you can take a closer look at shoes with a hidden platform in the toe.

Clothing should be stylish, elegant, and appropriate for your body type. It is very important that the things you choose sit well on you.

Hairstyle. Hair pulled up, in the form of a high hairstyle or a ponytail, as well as a pile in the parietal region and a bun – visually increase your height. If you have short hair, then you can create a beautiful style, while lifting your hair up.

Correct posture – It’s no secret that a straight back always adds height! Therefore, never slouch or lower your head.

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