Colors To Go With Lavender: How To Mix & Match Clothing
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25 Mar

Colors To Go With Lavender: How To Mix & Match Clothing?

Are you wondering what colors to go with lavender well in your wardrobe?

This article has all the answers!

History Of Lavender Color

Would you like to know which colors to go with lavender?

Get to know where it originated from! Initially used only as the name of a flower, the term “lavender” in color was first applied in English in 1705.

A Dictionary of Color, published in 1930, introduced three primary shades: lavender floral, lavender grey and lavender blue.

which colors go with purple
which colors go with purple
which colors go with purple

At the same time, a fourth shade was also used – lavender (pure lavender).

which colors go with purple

And in the book of 1955, with a description of shades for stamp collectors, more than a dozen shades were attributed to the described color, which is preserved to this day.

Lavender color in makeup

When choosing a shade of lavender for makeup, you must consider the tone woman’s skin. If the skin is light and cold, the shadow is gently close to the lilac.

At the same time, it’s good if it will be a combination with silver color in the shadows.

If a woman has a warm skin tone, then she can choose shades of more saturated shades – ripe plum or dark plum.

As for the lips, an additional choice of purple shades of lipstick is possible only if the skin has a very
tanned look. Only then it is likely not to overload the face with shades of purple.

In other cases, it is necessary to limit the use of shades of lavender and similar colors.

The color of lavender in clothes – mysterious, gentle and alluring

While the Pantone Color Institute announces the color of 2022 Very Peri, we are in a hurry to boutiques for delicate lavender suits, blouses and dresses. This shade of purple is much calmer and easier to adapt to any wardrobe.

Lavender is a shade of lilac that has more blue than pink.

Lilac color in clothes is considered difficult, like purple. But if you combine it with other tones, it can completely open up. A girl in such an outfit will look mysterious and irresistible.

In addition, it is appropriate both in everyday life and for a celebration, especially if the outfit is floor-length. No wonder it is often used for bridesmaids.

People that prefer this color are sensitive, creative, often immersed in their inner world.

They are persistent, able to withstand any blow of fate, optimistic, belief in the best. Often they return mentally to the past.

Before putting on a dress, floor-length skirt or trousers of this color, it is worth thinking about your appearance: Girls of the spring color type will suit any variations; they will look organic.

Fashionistas with summer appearance are better to choose pale lilac or with the predominance of grey.

Autumn harmoniously looks in a bright palette, but a dress that can be floor-length and short is recommended to choose from light, flowing materials. Winter beauties should also give preference to saturated shades.

Differences in shades lilac and purple are similar to each other; they are even often confused. For example, when choosing an outfit for bridesmaids. But there is still a difference.

Light and pastel colors

One of the most winning solutions – is lavender clothes with light-coloured clothes. It is easy to verify this by looking at the photo. It is not for nothing that bridesmaids are dressed up like this: they set off the white bridal dress.

Moreover, it is successfully combined as pale and dark lilac in such a way. The image seems fresh and soft. In summer, it is refreshing because the shades are chosen cold, and in winter, the combination is also relevant.

The bow will turn out even brighter if complete with a third color: suitable blue, grey, and even dark purple.

By choosing white, there is no doubt about the success of the image that the photo confirms. It’s easy to feel confident when the lavender is combined with pastel colors. It looks dominant, bow it turns out calm, but it has a sense of mystery.

The most harmonious look sets with pale pink, blue and peach, and they help to play up the pink color hiding in dark or light lilac. The girl who decided on this combination, whether it be trousers or a skirt, looks incredibly romantic and, of course, stylish.

You can also wear ensembles with light green, mint, lemon. Better if lavender is not be saturated. Look interesting with different accents in these tones, for example, a dress with a light green strap.

You can combine a pastel palette with lavender in different ways. It looks good when lilac prevails, such as a dress and soft blue shoes.

Or they can be equal: lavender pants and peach top. And vice versa: a pink dress and lilac sandals.

A thing in a lavender shade immediately attracts attention and will become the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Lavender symbolism in culture

Lavender floral and lavender purple symbolized earlier attitudes to decadence, that is, to a way of life,
aimed at cultural regression and the supremacy of sensuality over spirituality.

For example, the cover of a literary critic’s book Richard Gilman’s Decadence: The Strange Life of an Epithet, published in 1980, was made in this color.

Lavender shades often refer to luxury in art, food, drinks. In addition, the decoration in the Byzantine style accompanies the lavender color (photo, in which you can already see matching colors).

The 1951 film The Lavender Hill Mob became a popular comedy and often aired in the west on

“Lavender Dragon” was the short story title by the American playwright Eden Philpots, written in 1923. ironic a utopian story about a dragon stealing people to create his people.

Colors To Go With Lavender In Clothes

Lavender color in clothes is not as complicated as it might seem! On the one hand, it is a complex color; on the other hand, due to its complexity, it fits very interestingly in sets with any colors textures, in any season and any climate.

It is only essential to be able to choose clothes of this color!

How to match colors with lavender

Lavender color will suit any person, in fact, like any other color. To harmonize the color with your biological data, it is essential to find your shade of lavender by brightness, saturation, texture,
transparency, etc.

All physical characteristics of the material play an essential role in the image, not only color! You can’t say that this suits you or it doesn’t. Most likely, you just haven’t picked up your shade yet.

Shades of lavender

There are so many shades of lavender! This color belongs purple scale; in other words, it is purple or lilac color, which we are most familiar with!

But “lavender” sounds more romantic! Photos of lavender fields, sunsets, beautiful dresses immediately come to mind. So why not choose your shade, and enjoy spectacular images and reflection in the mirror!

What is lavender color?

Evening dresses in lavender color are unusual beauty and tenderness, adding notes to the overall conceived image of elegance and royal charm. They fit almost everyone’s women, regardless of the color of their hair and eyes, turn them into real princesses at the ball.

These dresses vary in color tones between lilac color with a slight pinkish undertone to grey-blue and
light purple hues. A genuinely intriguing color capable of drawing attention to yourself.

Lavender stylish color is a hue combination of lilac with grey, blue, pink, blue and purple. Viral tone to create romantic bows in styles such as Provence, Boho, hippie and glamour, perfect choice for prom and dressy ensembles that emphasize the natural beauty of women and reveal their beautiful inner world full of mysteries and secrets.

You can complement it with classic shoes, pumps on stiletto heel or glass, high-heeled sandals and a platform.

Lavender color combination in clothes

What goes with lavender?

This tone feels excellent in tandem with white and turquoise when contrast of warm and cold shades is created. The compositional range can be boldly black, grassy green and medium brown tones. Still, play brilliant combination, you can add a little red and purple to the image, accent options, for example, bright and catchy accessories, handkerchiefs and light scarves.

Lavender’s beautiful color goes well with yellow and gold, silver and coffee tones. Get exciting and
non-trivial combinations that will look great, bringing to the image notes of extravagance and daring courage. But it would be best to be careful so that the gentle dominant shade won and did not lose against the general created background.

Stylists, answering the question of who suits the lavender color, recommend experimenting with it to every woman, regardless of type. After all, there are many shades of it, and, for example, blondes would prefer magenta paisley and dahlia, where lilac is mixed with grey and blue tones.

Brunettes and brown-haired women may like the shade of a blooming orchid and lavender, where there are pink notes.

It will be fantastic look like lavender-colored clothes on those fashionistas who have blue
and grey eyes, or chameleons.

Lavender color also goes excellent with red curls when a game of contrasts is created. Don’t give up and
owners of chestnut and blond hair, you can always find your shade of lavender to look beautiful, feminine and romantic, even in strict and business suits, with trousers and blouses, and not only in
dresses and sundresses.

Great home combination – shorts and lavender t-shirt, comfortable and tasteful.

6 win-win combinations with lavender color

Lavender color – the actual embodiment of tenderness – beautiful fits into the spring range. We offer you a selection of spectacular color combinations!

  1. Lavender and yellow

Pastel tenderness of lavender and solar energy of yellow – a combination, in which, it seems, spring itself is embodied! This blouse with a luxurious peplum, slightly elongated at the back, will create an effect wasp waist.

  1. Lavender and purple

Combining colors of the same zone of the color spectrum but different saturation is always a good idea. Juicy purple will allow lavender to open up, and the tenderness of lavender, in turn, will soften

3. Lavender and green

The color of the first delicate spring shoots and lavender is perfect tandem. A short flared jacket will be a flawless look with a pencil skirt because your figure will appear even slimmer in contrast. An excellent option for skinny guys!

  1. Lavender and pink

If everything is clear with pastel pink (it will be prior with lavender on the same wavelength), then here is a more saturated pink; muted fuchsia looks much more daring! Well, lavender culottes have every chance of becoming your spring favorite.

5. Lavender and grey

Calm to serenity and at the same time romantic option, in which grey acts as a frame for elegant dresses. A short bouclé jacket with an asymmetrical closure looks especially elegant in such a set.

6. Lavender and blue

The light, icy shade of blue harmonizes perfectly with lavender! A silk top with an exquisite strap-loop will complement a lace skirt, giving the output an unusually romantic image. Perhaps the set will have to be postponed until the warmest spring days, but it costs!

This is a very harmonious and beautiful couple. It is suitable for creating a soft and romantic look and looks excellent in spring and summer kits.
Lavender will be dominant, and the whole look will look holistic, calm and a little mysterious.

Light or dark lilac will ideally dilute the severity and monotony black in clothes, creating a sense of mystery and understatement. This color scheme looks very stylish. Adding some pink accessories to the set (handbag or shoes) will bring more brightness and immediacy (especially this option will look good on young girls).
The combination of lilac and black will suit brunettes. Blondes on a violet background can be “lost” and will look inexpressive.


Combining these shades creates the impression of comfort and cosiness looks calm and soft. It is pretty harmonious since both of these colors can often be found together in nature, and this is the key to a good combination because nature is perfect.

The warmth of brown and the slight coolness of lilac emphasize and complement each other. Brown accessories (handbag, shoes or strap) perfectly complement and highlight a lilac dress (or suit), and lilac shoes can easily fit into a brown bow.

Delicate and light variation with beige, it can be called the most win-win for lilac, whichever shade you prefer. This pair can be taken as a base pair and added to any color from our selection.

Bright lilac on a beige background will be a clear favorite of the set, and light will merge with a pleasant coloristic sound.

Turquoise (Blue)
Shades from the cold color range are both based on blue, so they are perfectly combined. In addition, they are related, and their pair can be diluted with other colors, for example, pink or yellow. It will refresh your image and make it brighter. Most importantly, do not overdo it. It is desirable to combine not more than three colors in one set.
Sets with turquoise or blue look very fresh and pleasant.

Orange (Red)

Bright orange, as well as yellow, creates a beautiful contrast with lilac. Using this quality, you can make great summer sets that look bright and fresh. Lighter, pastel colors work well, and the image is very light and feminine. Try the coral shade. You won’t regret it.

Such a coloring attracts attention, is moderately bright and undoubtedly expressive.

A coral skirt can complement a lilac blouse or shirt and pumps to match the dress.
Vibrant red in this version will have an undeniable leadership. This should be taken into account when compiling a bow – take it in in smaller quantities, and in addition to lilac, you can dilute the kit
white, black or black or black-brown.

Is Lavender For Spring?

Lavender symbolizes mystery. Generally preferred dreamy personalities with a rich inner world, possessing creative potential.

Lavender color has several shades, so when buying clothes, It is essential to choose precisely the one that matches your color type.

“Spring” is perfect for all shades. For girls of the color type “summer,” it is recommended to choose paler variations or those in which grey prevails. “Autumn” stylists advise giving preference
things of bright colors, made of flowing fabrics.

It is worth paying attention to rich colours for women whose appearance belongs to the “winter” color type.

What to wear with a lavender dress?

Lavender color dress goes well with shoes and accessories in different colors, so the question of what to wear usually does not arise. Surprisingly gentle, this thing looks with light and pastel colors, and shoes are the perfect complement to it.

The combination of lavender with contrasting colors (menthol, light green, pink, orange, yellow and dark brown) will help create a bright and memorable image. For a romantic date a look consisting of a lavender dress and pale pink or peach shoes is suitable.

Lavender evening dress

Lavender dresses are the current trend in evening fashion. Length Models mini, floor-length dresses, options with a cutout on the chest, long sleeves, or wide shoulder strap – among such a variety, every fashionista can choose the right outfit.

A floor-length dress with a black collar can be worn with graceful sandals. This image is ideal for visiting a secular event or restaurant.

Jewelry and makeup

Proper completion of the image with a lavender dress will be jewelry and a handbag in white or grey. Jewelry from gold or silver, a string of pearls, a scarf made of translucent material will also perfectly complement the look.

Makeup will help create a mysterious image, the emphasis in which will be made by the eye. Black eyeliner will help achieve this effect, light lilac shadows and pink lipstick. Silvery shades are suitable for green eyes and blue-eyed girls – brown.

Lavender color and wedding outfits

Lavender color is used to organize a wedding celebration in Provence style. The main feature of this style is elegance, which must be present in everything: from the bride’s dress to decor elements.

Lavender wedding dresses can be decorated with lace and have a fitted bodice or high waist. For a celebration in style, “Provence” mini or maxi length options are suitable. The main thing required for the outfit is a multi-layered, flared skirt.

The perfect complement to a long wedding dress will be a short veil, and for the option with an open neckline – a cape made of lace.

If the bride nevertheless decided to prefer the traditional white dress, then lavender-coloured outfits can be worn by her girlfriends.

This option is ideal for a celebration in “shabby chic” style.

You can also recommend bridesmaids to choose outfits in different shades of purple. In this case, against their background, the bride will look very impressive.

Lavender bridesmaid dress will complement the bouquet of twigs the plant of the same name, tied with a ribbon, the shade of which matched with the bride’s dress. She should pick up a bouquet and accessories, the color of which will be in harmony with the girls’ outfits.

If the bridesmaids have different body types, it is not recommended to choose dresses of the same silhouette. Perfect for tall girls, straight maxi length dresses. plump bridesmaids’
small stature should pay attention to short outfits with flared skirts.

But if it is planned that all dresses will have one style, then it is advisable to purchase a model with a straight cut, which will look good on any body type.



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