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21 Jul

Kibbe Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic: What’s The Difference?

soft gamine vs soft classic
Are you wondering what's the difference between Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic? This article will answer all your doubts! Knowing the difference between Soft Classic vs Soft Gamine body types can change your wardrobe game for the better!  Have you ever wondered why Soft Classic outfits just don't do it for you, despite having similar physical attributes to the said body archetype?  It's possible that you are confusing your Soft Classic body type with Kibbe's Soft Gamine body, and vice versa.  In all aspects, your confusion is entirely valid and not at all ridiculous. Kibbe's body typing system differentiates body types on a very thin thread— these dissimilarities are negligible yet powerful!  Soft Gamine Vs. Soft Classic body type is one such confusing combination.  Jessica Alba will...
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14 Dec

Soft Gamine Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style

soft gamine
Are you wondering how Kibbe Soft Gamine Body Type looks and how to style it? This article has all the answers! The type is located in the centre next to the Pure Gamine type with on the Yin-Yang scale shift towards Yin. Like the entire Gamine family, Yin and Yang are eclectically combined. For example, there may be large, rounded eyes and a pointed chin. And also, additional Yin appears in rounded, soft body shapes. Kibbe called this type "explosive chic". The Soft Gamine type can be described primarily as a Romantic Gamine. A woman of this type is Gamine, and the romantic trend is an addition, not the main factor. A stormy set of female and male elements affects the countenance with a...
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