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10 Dec

Kibbe Gamine Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Outfits

gamine body type
Are you wondering how Kibbe Gamine Body Type looks and how to style it? This article has all the answers! Gamine Body Type on the Yin-Yang scale is located clearly in the centre, like the Classic type. But the difference between the Classics and the Gamine is huge. Kibbe says that the Classic types have Yin and Yang harmoniously combined in equal proportions, and the Gamine types eclectically collide. For example, if we see average eyes and average height in the Classic type, then in the Gamine type, we will undoubtedly encounter a certain eclecticism. For example, large eyes (like the Romantic) and the angular structure of the skeleton (like the Dramatic) with a general diminutiveness. And these collisions can be the most...
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