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31 Dec

A Comprehensive Guide For Pear Shaped Women: Dress Right

Pear Shaped Women
Are you wondering how to dress for pear shaped women? This article has the best stylistic guide and advice! If you have narrow shoulders, a thin waist and wide hips, this comprehensive guide on how to dress for pear shaped women will come in handy because your physique dictates a direct attribution to this type. You can pay attention to how pear shaped celebrities dress. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira, Blake Lovely, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Aguilera, plus-size bloggers Tanesha Avashti and Nadia Abulhouson, etc., share the same body shape, regardless of the size. Pear Shaped Women DRESSES FOR PEAR SHAPE Dresses for the pear shaped body are the most feminine because they emphasize wide hips and a sculpted waist, which everybody likes. If you learn how to...
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