Best Beach In Portugal: My Secret Portuguese Escape Land
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15 May

Best beach in Portugal: My secret Portuguese escape land

Arrabida beach in Portugal Asos bikini

Thinking of visiting the best beach in Portugal this year?

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As an experienced expat with that baggage of many years living in Portugal, I could definitely say that Portugal is one of the best places to visit not only in summer.

However, summer is the most convenient season for visiting

For those who were planning their trip specifically in summer, I would suggest the best beach in Portugal. “Praia da Arrabida” is a place a bit more secluded from the Lisbon area. It is located in Setubal which is not that far from the capital. It takes only 30 minutes to get there and it is definitely worth it! I can definitely claim Praia da Arrabida the best beach in Portugal.

Arrabida beach in Portugal Asos bikini

How to get to Praia da Arrabida

During your car ride, you will see the forests and Portuguese mountains. Setubal area is all green with orange trees and little cafeterias where you can catch a strong expresso. It reminds of a village district with gardens and vineyards.

The road will go down the spiral to the ocean. Parking slot might become an issue because of the small tiny place in the middle of the forest mountain. So it would be better to catch a smart to be able to park anywhere you like.

Going down the mountain you will see the deep blue ocean. It is quite accessible for kids and its waters are not that deep at the shore. The color of the water reminds of Monaco views. It is unbelievable this beauty is still not widely recognized in Portugal. The beach of Arrabida in Portugal is truly the best beach.

Arrabida beach in Portugal Asos bikini

How Praia da Arrabida looks like

The sand is quite rough because of the Rocky Mountains but this is not a disadvantage at all. All across the waters there is a little island. It is accessible with the boat for those who want to have a barbeque in solitude.

Be aware that this beach will attract a lot of sun heat because of the rocks. So it would be advisable to take sun protection with you.

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