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31 Mar

When you want to change your life but don’t know how

How to change your life when you don't know what you want When you want to change your life but don't know how is bad and good at once? The worst feeling in the world is being stuck but at the same time, it's also beautiful. So you are there, somewhere you have no idea where and probably getting pissed because something is constantly going wrong, not like you have imagined in the first place. It takes time, you give it a chance...
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13 Feb

Becoming Yourself: The importance of who you are

Total white outfit for a woman that wants to become her better self. Gold chain necklaces
Do you sometimes picture yourself being in the shoes of another person and trying to imagine how that would feel to live their life at least for a day? Here is why it is important to think of becoming yourself! Is it really important for becoming yourself? I think you said "Yes", you did imagine how that would be to live that person's successful life with joy and satisfaction. But right after that you went back to reality and thought that life was way too hard to be real like that. Becoming Yourself That must have been all fake and not really worth the try. That would probably require to lose weight, start taking care of your body, change the diet and...
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