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2 Jan


saturn and jupiter conjunction
Winter Solstice gave birth to the new Bethlehem Star with Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction 2020 saturn and jupiter conjunction Ingredients I used: 1 L Greek Yogurt (bought at Lidl)4 eggs150 g sugar2 oranges peel400 g flour3 white chocolates + 1 dark chocolate2 balloons100 g blueberries You’ve all been checking out the close alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the southwestern sky just after dark. Jupiter is the bright one. Saturn is dimmer and up and to the left. Their nearest approach culminated during the evening of the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, when the planets were only six arc minutes apart. How close were they? The last time they were closer was during the Great Conjunction of 1623 Since Jupiter is much brighter than Saturn, Jupiter’s glare might...
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