Jeans For Plus Size Women: How To Wear And Style Them Right
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9 Oct

Jeans For Plus Size Women: How To Wear And Style Them Right

Are you wondering what are the best jeans for plus size women?

Here is what you need to know!

There is an opinion that only slim girls can wear denim pants.

But this is far from the case. With the right choice, jeans are perfect for ladies with curves, helping them not only to “hide” something but to emphasize the existing advantages of their figure.


The stereotype that has developed over time that plus size women can afford to wear only straight jeans has long lost its relevance.

Today, denim pants appear more and more often at fashion shows of collections for obese women, and their style is often very far from the classic cut.

Thanks to the boundless imagination of the couturier, girls with extra pounds can look very stylish, because both tight and loose jeans, thanks to the talent of fashion designers, will fit them perfectly.

Today jeans for plus size women, basically, come in four basic styles:

1) Skinny jeans.

Since the silhouette in this model will be as highlighted as possible, they will suit those girls who have the correct ratio of the width of the hips and calves.

Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.38.04
Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.38.11

If this is not the case, then you should not once again emphasize the disproportionality of your figure. Better to pay attention to the following model.

2) Flared jeans.

This model perfectly masks the flaws of the full figure.

Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.22.11 edited
Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.22.23

With wide hips, they balance the figure, emphasizing the lower, wider part of the trousers. It should be remembered that such jeans should be worn with shoes without heels.

3) Straight jeans.

A classic model that won the love of curvy girls a long time ago. Thanks to the strict cut and straight lines, it hides extra pounds and visually stretches the silhouette.

Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.34.17
Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.35.49

Most often, these jeans are in a neutral dark color, which makes the figure even slimmer. They are quite suitable for workdays and business meetings.

4) Wide jeans.

This style has a tight-fitting waist belt, which is the most tight-fitting part of the trousers.

Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.30.46
Screenshot 2023 11 26 at 16.31.47

From the level of the hip joint, expansion begins, which smoothly passes into the wide sockets at the bottom of the leg.

Behind such a volume of jeans, it is quite possible to hide unaesthetic body volumes. This model is perfect for meeting friends, shopping, or other informal events.

Denim jeans with the addition of stretch deserve special attention.

Such a model will fit the silhouette, slightly tightening the volumes.

In a sitting position, the high seating position will hide the treacherously falling out tummy, but at the same time, you will feel very comfortable, unlike ordinary jeans, the belt of which simply cuts into the skin.

What models are best for full hips?

Owners of rather large hips and buttocks can easily afford to wear tight jeans, you just need to choose the right style.

If you have a slender waist, high-rise denim jeans are a great option.

They should only slightly hug the silhouette, then your asset in the form of a wasp waist will overshadow all the extra pounds below.

You should avoid voluminous, shapeless, and flared models, which will add visible kilograms to your existing ones.

Jeans with decorative elements in the form of patch pockets and volumetric embroidery should also be set aside.

The length of the product, when combined with a heel, should cover it by half. In summer models, a length above the ankle is acceptable but provided that the leg is neat and thin at this level.

It is not recommended for chubby girls with small stature to wear cropped models.

For them, the longest jeans are optimal, which will visually add a couple of centimeters of growth.

Which fit is right?

The level of fit of jeans is important for a full figure since it depends on how your tummy will look and how long your legs will seem.

You should immediately put aside an extremely low landing.

Since in such pants the belly is rather shown than hidden, they are suitable only for very slender girls.

The lowered fit of jeans assumes the location of the belt at least five centimeters from the waistline.

This option is perfect for slightly overweight girls, whose belly will not roll over the edge.

Women who have more than one extra kilogram should take a closer look at models with a natural or overestimated level of fit.

In the first case, the upper edge of the jeans runs along the waistline, and in the second, a little higher.

Such a style will favorably highlight the waist, and if it simply does not exist, then it will create the appearance of its presence.

The thighs will also be accentuated and exposed in a more favorable light, as the texture of the denim will hide all the unevenness of the skin underneath.

Perfect color matching solutions

The well-known property of black to visually slim the silhouette is very widely applied to jeans for obese women.

Also, in such specific models, other dark tones predominate – classic blue, dark gray, marsh, and others.

But designers from season to season do not cease to amaze, and among the new products, bright and light colors – yellow, red, orange, and even white – increasingly began to flicker.

Skillfully playing with decor and prints, the creators of the new collections gave girls of any figure the opportunity to wear jeans of a wide variety of shades, without being afraid to visually appear larger than they really are.

What decor is right for plus size figure?

To choose the decoration of jeans for overweight girls, it is important to consider how a certain decor will look on a voluminous figure.

Vertical patterns should be considered as prints, which will help to stretch the silhouette and visually make the figure more slender.

Diagonal images on jeans are also acceptable, but they are not able to correct the figure, but only will not spoil it.

Also, embroidery and rhinestones can serve as decoration.

When choosing a pattern for a floral embroidered composition, you should give preference to a large number of small flowers, rather than one large bud.

The image itself should be as flat as possible so as not to add additional volume to the figure. The same goes for various images made of rhinestones.

If you prefer a model with holes or scuffs, then you need to choose such a model carefully.

The wear should be strictly elongated vertically and not too light in comparison with the main color of the jeans, and the number of holes should be minimal and small.

Trending jeans for plus size

Extra pounds simply oblige girls to be very critical of the choice of clothes.

When composing ensembles, they usually pursue two goals – to hide excessive completeness and to look stylish.

To meet these requirements at the same time, the modern fashion industry each new season creates a huge variety of jeans for overweight women, which differ not only in beauty and style but also inconvenience.

It is this quality of clothing that today is the main requirement of a modern fashionista.

Today, fashion trends are progressing into the urban environment, providing an unlimited field of activity for designers.

The combination of incompatible styles allows you to create the most unimaginable images, which, first of all, will be distinguished by practicality and convenience.

Putting elegance in the background, modern urban fashion in no way loses its originality, style, and beauty.

Best jeans for plus size

When choosing jeans, buy them strictly in size – a denim thing slightly larger or smaller than your size will never give you comfort when wearing, and outwardly it will look far from aesthetically pleasing, white jeans of the right size will become practically a second skin for you.

Pay attention to the brand – famous brands have proven the quality of their product over the years, which cannot be said about dubious jeans manufacturers.

Feel the fabric: Solid denim fits very roughly around the figure, and due to this, the volume may seem a little larger than it actually is.

It is better to opt for a soft fabric with a small amount of lycra – in such jeans, you will be comfortable and others will see your advantages, emphasized by slightly tight jeans.

Jeans should be excluded from wardrobe by plus size girls:

  • Low waist;
  • With large pockets and decor;
  • With small pockets on the buttocks;
  • With horizontal print

We present to your attention several successful ensembles in which the fullness of girls is perfectly hidden by jeans with a properly selected set of clothes.

Perhaps one of them will help you to create your own unique image, and you will feel the most attractive, stylish, and desirable in it!

An elongated beige blouse with a train goes well with blue classic jeans and open-toe heels.

A delicate lace top accentuates the femininity and elegance of the look, while the high waist on jeans and a top accentuates the waist.

A great option for every day – tight-fitting stretch jeans combined with a sky blue blouse and a dark cardigan look very stylish, and a combination of brown boots and a belt of the same color adds personality to the image.

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