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29 Apr

Bridal and Fashion service: Personal shopping in Portugal

FilosoBeauty a Bridal Fashion and Luxury shopping in Lisbon Portugal
Let me introduce a new outstanding space where you can have Bridal, Fashion, and even Luxury shopping services in one place. Initially, that space was created for multilingual Beauty and Fashion purposes for women that speak different languages. Today we introduce a Bridal and Fashion service that consists of all the services in one. FilosoFashion - a beautiful place where women can learn how to pick a functional or capsule wardrobe for every body type. Here you have multiple tips and trick on the best fashion finds. You can ask all kinds of fashion and beauty related questions if you cannot find an answer yourself. This is a NEW unique space where you can find all the fashion services in one place And this project FilosoBeauty is a physical...
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17 Apr

Best luxury shopping in Lisbon: A personal stylist shows!

Luxury shopping in Lisbon Must de Cratier silk scarf with yellow tulips makeup editorial beauty face
Where to start with high-end shopping in Lisbon *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. Shopping may take several days if you are looking for something unique and luxury shopping in Lisbon is even more tiresome! Let me give you a hand with that situation, so you could navigate freely in luxury shopping when in Portugal. This magnificent city will mesmerize you from the very beginning. The sun of Portugal will make you lose your mind and the beauty of its nature will beat you off the ground. Once you notice Portuguese people style you will understand...
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3 Apr

What does a personal stylist do?

Must de Cratier silk scarf with yellow tulips makeup editorial beauty face
Were you thinking of getting professional fashion stylist online or a consultation? You are in the right place for answering your fashion related questions. Before I begin, I wanted to offer you a unique opportunity to work with (a personal stylist) virtually. You can hire me starting from only 10$! Grab the opportunity! What social media fashion "gurus" are advising I am deeply surprised that almost all of you, getting lost in the desire to find your own style, listen to those so-called fashion bloggers who technically have no idea that fashion is a part of art and a woman is not only a silhouette. But even a silhouette is being forgotten in most cases.  I have came across all kinds of “fashion gurus”...
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20 Dec

Balenciaga – a luxury must have you need

Blenciaga green sunglasses 2019 sale buy
Your perfect gift guide whether it is for your beloved , a friend or yourself. There is one thing that I have learned in my life journey - always reward yourself! Do not be a "Scrooge Mcduck" when it comes to your own self. That feeling of satisfaction will always pay off in return. You have done a great job - please yourself There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! Right on the contrary - you will appreciate your work even more. Buying a new pretty thing will always remind you why you work so hard whether it is a new bag, a silk scarf or a little accessory. Personally for me a great "reward yourself" gift does not mean...
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