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3 Apr

What does a personal stylist do?

Must de Cratier silk scarf with yellow tulips makeup editorial beauty face
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Were you thinking of getting professional fashion stylist online or a consultation?

You are in the right place for answering your fashion related questions.

Before I begin, I wanted to offer you a unique opportunity to work with (a personal stylist) virtually. You can hire me starting from only 10$! Grab the opportunity!

What social media fashion “gurus” are advising

I am deeply surprised that almost all of you, getting lost in the desire to find your own style, listen to those so-called fashion bloggers who technically have no idea that fashion is a part of art and a woman is not only a silhouette. But even a silhouette is being forgotten in most cases. 

I have came across all kinds of “fashion gurus” that preach trends and leopard prints calling that “basics”. Having no understanding of geometry they would advise to wear culotte trousers to everyone regardless of their body structure and OMG height. Or those that are pretending to be designers offering you pure polyester item for the price of a silk or cashmere one. 

Even those that were beige and pastel colors 100% of time just because it is considered trendy. During all this winter we have seen these shades, but come on…I bet you miss your favorite bomb color!

I announce a boycott !

Dear girls and women of this world, I am here to help you find who you are and how you intend to look like.

You need a personal stylist

Your wardrobe speaks for you and makes an impression on others.

The thing is that “Basics” is different for everyone. You need to find out what is purely organic for you just with the right shape and form!

What a personal stylist should actually do

1️⃣Explore appearance and body structures in order to learn how to find suitable styles of clothing.

2️⃣ Learn to combine colors and make harmonious images for every individual

3️⃣Examine what style is the most organic for you.

4️⃣Analize your wardrobe and its resource

5️⃣Search for your individual style where you will learn to see things that reflect your individual style in stores.

This information will guide you in the right direction for your own personal style.

It will help you to figure out how to create a functional wardrobe and stop throwing out money on clothes that simply are not necessary.

A personal stylist online

Have no time to wander around the shops spending time on clothes?

You can have a personal stylist online. This is a great option if you have a limited time for fashion but still want to look stylish and on trend. You have an opportunity to communicate with a stylist virtually and ask all the questions you need.

What a personal stylist online does?

  • Declutters your wardrobe from any point of the world
  • Goes shopping online together with you
  • Offers a shopping list personally for you
  • Advises on functional and capsule wardrobe
  • Easy to call and get a consultation

Why an online personal stylist is your option?

You simply save your TIME which is very precious! You get an understanding what and how to match. YOu will understand your body type and a color scheme that enhances your beauty.

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Must de Cratier silk scarf with yellow tulips makeup editorial beauty face
Must de Cratier silk scarf with yellow tulips makeup editorial beauty face
Must de Cratier silk scarf with yellow tulips makeup editorial beauty face

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