AMAZON BADASS: Cool Gifts For A Boyfriend
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11 Jan

AMAZON approved: BADASS Cool gifts for a Boyfriend

cool gifts for a boyfriend
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You think only you get confused when it comes to finding a gift for your boyfriend? No! I was in your shoes until I actually made this holy-grail list of cool gifts for a boyfriend!

I know that your number one question today is: “What does he want“? or “What does he need“?

We all know that men’s world is not as abundant as women’s world is when it comes to gifts. You just enter the store with a thought “I will definitely find something after strolling around for a couple of hours”. And in the end you start feeling desperate, lost and maybe even pissed off because you have no idea wha to get.

Here is what I got for you and your beloved man. Check it out until the end because you just might find something interesting.

Fashion: The Ultimate Guide for cool gifts for a Boyfriend

The 90s vibe beats the classics

Fashion is changing every season, but the 90s will always stay “immortal”. Have you checked if your wardrobe fits the 90s epoch? If not, here is what you need to take into consideration before changing your style and diving into the new “era”. 

Probably you have seen the “Friends” series that stand to be the amalgam of the 90s’ fashion and everyday inspiration. All these baggy jeans and flannel loose shirts packed up in the combat boots or white Converse bring not only positive nostalgia, but also it created a unique and almost romantic style guide of today. This is a huge vogue icon for every modern man out there! 

Men fashion from the 90s’ was frivolous and casual 

“Come as you are…” from the Kurt’s Cobain song “The Teen Spirit” became an anthem of the era and so it reflected on the daily fashion. The 90s did escape fro the 80s marginalization, but still remained grungy. It was the time where streetwear became inevitable representation of the big city rhythm. The edgy span where we all remember the birth of a “new” man with baggy silhouettes and all so athletic figures underneath it. 

In order for your man to rock this day with this 90s vibe, scroll down to see the full and explicit guide to the 90s fashion for men. 

Cool gifts for a Boyfriend: Basic White T-shirt is a win-win for every guy!

A white cotton T-shirt is where all the fashion realm actually begins. The epitome of comfort became the “brick and stone” of the previous decade. The only thing that was so important about the basic T-shirt was that is had to be made of a premium quality cotton and it was supposed to be loose in style. It was often paired and mixed up with a grungy biker jacket and baggy or ripped blue jeans. 

A Leather Biker Jacket – for a ride and vibe 

A real leather jacket was a big deal if your man likes to impress and be around the “cool” blocks. Those that never rode a motorbike were drone into this style regardless of their vehicle ownership. The real leather jacket meat something and it was speaking to others as it reflected the “Bad Boy” attitude. Today he does not need to wear a real leather jacket, a faux leather or eco materials will do to help your guy feel like the “real king” of him woman. 

Combat Boots – The game changer 

At first, the combat boots were the predominant belonging of a rock and punk subculture, however in time it became a very comfortable piece of a garment for every man out there. Usually, those are worn with cargo pants, ripped jeans accompanied by a flannel shirt or a biker jacket. 

A Flannel Shirt will never be regressed 

Often it is worn in a mixture with a printed loose T-shirt or just tied up down the waist. It clearly has a rock-n-roll energy especially for those that had a free teen spirit. This kind of an outfit was often matched with white or black Converse shoes or combat boots as well. 

A loose print sweatshirt with City names 

A streetwear essence was a loose city name printed sweatshirt. It was often worn in a total sports style matching with blue jeans and sneakers. This is the Vogue time in which everybody wants to be in the “melting pot” of democracy.

White Shoes for the attitude specification 

Everyone is indulging in these running shoes. White shoes were something special and seemingly casual and careless. The laidback atmosphere is here and all the guys gave up for a pair of those trainers. 

Accessories for him – No need to know the exact size

Belt to put it all together

Chains all over the place 

Surprise your man with a little accessory like a chain that he will remember forever! It’s a real leather LV belt dupe. The one that I found the most useful and the closest lookalike.

Sunglasses for a fashionista 

Just the glasses can tell whether a man is in the trend or not. Having a great range of colourful frames and shapes. I like those that are predominantly round and wide, old Celine-like shades. All celebrities and famous persons are strolling in those showing off with the “hard to get” attitude.

Cars – the coolest motivation for him

A truly guy’s thing is cars! Is your boyfriend a real Ferrari fan? Of course he is! Check out what I have for you that you can grab right now! Make a little gift to your second half. Because it is not only a brand sign – it’s a goal and a motivation for your man that really works! 

A tip from a stylist and a personal shopper

Stop wasting your time looking for the most appropriate gift! Take those easy to follow steps to get that grunge outfit for your guy. You do not have to spend every dime just to be the best and show off with an expensive gift. Start with small or basic things first. I mentioned that basics is a fundamental thing for the 90s style and so it is right now. 

Get that white T-shirt and those white Converse shoes from the shopping guide. You could also try getting a chain and a sweatshirt as it fits literally everyone and “Voila”! You are ready to rock with the best cool gift for your boyfriend!


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cool gifts for a boyfriend
cool gifts for a boyfriend
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