The 1 Choice: Birthday Gift For Her
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26 Nov

The 1 Choice: Birthday Gift For Her

birthday gift for her

Are you still wasting your time browsing the internet trying to find a birthday gift for her?

Mulberry Silk is what you really need for a perfect birthday gift for her

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Are you still wasting your time browsing the internet trying to find the most appropriate gift for a woman of any age? Stop right now! I’ve got your back!

Let’s start from the ground floor here 😉 Everybody knows women love jewelry, so this means you will never go wrong with it. I suggest something like this if you are on a shorter budget.

There is something you didn’t know about silk and why you should be paying attention to it.

Silk has always been considered as the ultimate luxury for anyone. However, you need to know that this is predominantly female fabrics. Those were used and made by women not only for the comfort and softness but also in order to enhance female sexuality and energetic levels.

A Silk Gift Number 1

A silk scarf – a woman’s must-have accessory.

Now I am happy to present you with my own hand-painted silk scarves that can found over here. My Butterfly Collection is all about femininity and bright colors to stan ut of the crowd!

P.S. All the sellers complimented me when I was with the orange scarf when I entered Hermés store in Lisbon. So, just so you know that I am proud of these unique pieces 😉 It’s a great thing to own for every woman.

Blue Scarf Orange Scarf.

filosofashion silk scarf

Another retro-style square scarf is crafted in lightweight silk and finished with a contrast color striped border. Each piece will be beautiful scenery. You can wrap it around your neck, tie it up in your hair, or fasten it on a bag for a pop of color. It will be a multi-functional and all-season piece for your wardrobe.

I love it that they have a really cool and colorful range. There is this one that looks like a Hermés prototype (and you should know that Hermés costs a minimum of 350$ per piece).

If I were to buy a gift for my mom I’d pick this drop dead gorgeous robe with lace in creamy white tones. It is very universal and would suit any woman of any skint one or hair colour.

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One more thing that I always do is research. If only you knew what I found there. This is the range of Mulberry Silk from these sellers down below. Check out my favorite selection and the prices are just amazing!

Silk Gift Number 2

A silk top – a gift for which any would be grateful.

I myself wear silk top all the time regardless of the weather outside. Whether I have a business meeting or just a visit to a restaurant – a silk top is my 1 thing to go.

If you are not sure which color to choose, always pick the light or very dark tones like dark green, white, golden, pinkish or my favorite one – salmon.

I also chose another seller range of Mulberry Silk blouses. Check out my selection. P.S. I am actually wearing this blouse dow below from those Amazon seller.

Silk Gift Number 3

A Silk Pajama – a luxury indulgence every woman needs.

With this pajama set, you are not going the wrong way! It’s a win-win strategy when it comes to picking gifts. A Pajama is good, but a silk Pajama is just a game-changer!

I prefer this white for colder days in creamy white and this boho one in peach salmon tones for summer or warmer days.

But I would also pay closer attention to this white lace silk set of a top and pants.

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And of course, I couldn’t miss out on these deals. I am actually deciding to buy this one in white for myself because I just really love this silk feeling on my skin. Check it out yourself!

Happy Shopping !

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