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23 Jun

Linen Pants Wide Leg: Where To Get And How To Wear

linen pants wide leg
Linen pants are not only elegance but also comfort I know how to wear your favorite linen pants with wide leg model! Linen clothes are among the trends for summer! In skirts, dresses, blouses, and pants, linen is wonderful for creating more elegant and comfortable looks. I separated 10 looks to teach you how to wear linen pants in the hot days ahead. Linen history Researchers indicate that linen was discovered 8000 BC But it was the Egyptians who began using linen as a fabric of the nobility, several pharaohs were embalmed with this fabric. Even today, linen is a noble fabric, which has high strength and is extremely cool for hot climate regions. Which greatly facilitates acceptance in the Brazilian climate. It is...
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22 Jun

Deep Autumn Color Palette: Colors For Wardrobe and Makeup

deep autumn color palette
Are You Wondering If You Are A Deep Autumn Color Palette? I got you covered with these answers from a stylist and artist Deep Autumn is the last one on the seasonal chart of autumn color chart. It's dark, deep, but still warm and peaceful. As this is the last one of Autumn, it falls into the category of Winter, and sometimes we can see that usual Autumn warm colors can be mixed with winter brightness. Bright colors, usually a prerogative of a winter cold season, suit the Deep Autumn well, just like warm and peaceful shades. Deep Autumn is one of the most controversial color palettes in the seasonal chart. Because it creates confusion for the user about which colors can suit...
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15 Jun

True Autumn Color Palette: Colors For Wardrobe And Makeup

true autumn color palette
Are You Wondering If You Are A True Autumn Color Palette? I got you covered with these answers from a stylist and artist True Autumn is the perfect colorful description of yellow leaves, orange pumpkins, grey rainy roads infused with milky morning fog, and of course the richness of tasteful harvest. This is the fruition of the autumn galore which corresponds to the deepness of the color in a slow transition to the darkness of colder times. True Autumn is the "richest" season in terms of the deepness of the color and warmness of the palette. This is the set of colors that will definitely intensify your assets. For example, if your eyes are green-blue, this palette will make them deeper and more...
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21 May

How To Measure Yourself: Right Wardrobe Sizing & Body Shape Measuring

how to measure yourself
Are you looking for an answer to the question: how to measure yourself? I got your back with these superb tips! Givenchy said: “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress”. how to measure yourself I have paid a visit to the atelier because keep on buying things that need clear adjustments for my body type. Even if I get them at Zara they might fit perfectly but I would need to cut the length of a sleeve here and there because it would just look weird on me if I didn't. You know these visits and casual talks with a seamstress...
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12 May

Soft Autumn Color Palette: Colors For Wardrobe And Makeup

soft autumn color palette
Are you wondering if you are a soft autumn color palette? I got you covered with these answers from a stylist and artist Soft Autumn Color Palette is a transitional type on the color chart. Even though it belongs to autumn, it still shares some individual colors from Summer just because it's in between Summer and Autumn. Imagine a still hot September month, it's Autumn already, but it is yet warm and people are wearing short sleeves showing off the tan they received during August vacation. And a few days later you notice trees are becoming yellow and orange and it's raining once in a while with a slightly warm lurking sun. It's a warm palette even though it's a starting cold season....
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30 Apr

Soft Summer Color Palette: Which Colors Work The Best For Your Skin And Wardrobe

soft summer color palette
Are You Wondering What A Soft Summer Color Palette Is? This is what a fashion stylist and artist tells you! Soft Summer is the darkest color-shaded palette of all Summer family. The colors are literally a mixture of very cold soft summery colors mixed with a black/dark grey transparent hue. Soft Summer is one of the three Summer seasons and sits on the seasonal flow chart between True Summer and Soft Autumn. Soft summer color palette Every Summer palette is a slow gradation of light into grey/dark hue Just so you could have a better understanding, imagine Light Summer as early 6 am morning with a little fogginess, after that, you have a hot scorching day with rain which is True Summer, and...
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12 Apr

True Summer Color Palette: Which Colors Work The Best For Your Skin And Wardrobe

True Summer Color Palette
Are you wondering what a True Summer Color Palette is? This is what a fashion stylist and artist tells you! The most muted and blatant of all summer color palettes is True Summer. It's in-between the Light Summer and Soft Summer Palette. However, the True Summer is a bit deeper and more saturated than the surrounding ones. Just imagine it's a scorching summer day, and you see the sky getting grey and dark. After a while, you see it's storming with the wind. Instead of the hot sunny day, you experience rain, and suddenly everything looks grey. The True Summer is all interwind with this rainy greyness. It's blatant color with grey coolness. true summer color palette True Summer Color Palette True Summer Color Palette The True...
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31 Mar

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci Wallpapers For iPhone

YSL Wallpapers For iPhone
Say "Hello" to Gucci Wallpapers For iPhone! Today I am giving my artwork for free download for your beloved iPhone You cannot find those wallpapers anywhere else because I created some digital art for your cellphone. You can download them for free and send your friend. Remember: Caring is sharing  Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci can also be pretty on the screen of your iPhone! I made them work well for you. Be stylish even if the day is boring and you don't feel sparkly. These wallpapers are made to make your mood and life more beautiful, fashionable, and shiny! To save the wallpapers for your background: On mobile : Hold down on the picture and save the image or screenshot it. Desktop: right-click to...
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27 Mar

Light Summer Color Palette: Which Colors Work For Your Skin Tone And Wardrobe

light summer color palette
Are you wondering what a Light Summer Color Palette is? This is what a fashion stylist and artist tells you! Light Summer is smoother and softer than the Mid-Summer type with a less intense color palette. Let's put it clearly: Light summer starts from a Spring transition to Summer, which is April-June. This color palette is somewhat in between these seasons, and I would also call it the "March 22 palette," when we usually get a more extended day because of the Spring-Summer transition. Light Summer is the first palette from the tree Summer color analysis that is existent. Just for the record, there is Light Summer, True Summer, and Soft Summer. Light Summer Color Palette Which undertone does this section have? It has a...
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20 Mar


what's in my bag
Were you always wondering what other people carry in their bags? I do, and this is what I always have with me! What's In My Bag 2021 Coconut Water. Just in case you didn't know: it contains vitamins like vitamin B2, B3, C, and other ingredients like electrolytes and potassium that may be beneficial to the skin. Consuming coconut water may help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase skin hydration and elasticity.Chewing Gum. No need to explain ;)Calvin Klein sunglasses. Just in case I want to hide from the outer world, plus I have to use those because of direct exposure to the sun all year round.Aussie hairbrush. I got to Budapest for a change. It lives with me since then ;)Damask...
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