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14 Feb

Kibbe Romantic Winter Outfits – A Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about Kibbe Romantic Winter Outfits

This article has all the answers!

Romantic body type was the talk of the town during the fall season— those sensual bodycon silhouettes layered in opulence were sure to leave a bold and enchanting statement. 

But, can they unleash similar drama and intoxication with absolute panache during winter as well?

Truth be told, winter requires a lot more covering than fall could ever.

Bare skin is out of the question, so how does one, with a romantic body type, choose outfits for the cold season to complement their body without losing warmth? 

image 13

I still agree, for those with a romantic essence, the cold is but a fleeting whisper. You don’t feel cold as strongly as other body types.

This doesn’t, however, mean you stop layering altogether. There’s a tact required when you cover your body, and it shouldn’t rely on too many layers. 

In fact, romantic body types should keep the layering to a minimum.

Layering too much will cover and hide your body silhouette wholly, now that would be a problem.

What to do instead? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss today! 

For winters, the fall dresses we discussed in “Kibbe romantic fall outfits” are still your golden choices.

So, keep those style suggestions close to you and we’ll add more warmth to them in this article. 

When it comes to accessories, you match the dominance with dramatic body type— so take accessory inspiration from this catalog, here. 

After Kibbe Romantic’s “fall dresses,” the faux fur shawls rival the softness of freshly fallen snow. It enhances the extravagances you carry in your walk and the seductive threat in your eyes. 

But hey, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Kibbe Romantic Winter Aesthetics – How To Carry Your Bold And Sensual Persona! 

Winter invites you to indulge in extreme extravagance.

Picture yourself cloaked in (faux) fur fabrics, romantic and grandeur prints, diamonds contrasting with the white snow, and designs that make the frosty air sigh in envy. 

And don’t think for a moment that casual elegance takes a back seat—  winter is the grand stage for variety if know how to do it with a touch of allure. 

image 12

It’s not merely about showcasing a plunging neckline or an artfully highlighted posterior.

It’s about the way individuals with romantic inclinations exist. It starts with your eyes; your dark, big, drunken, and sultry eyes.

They are enchanting, lulling, and quite literally hypnotizing. 

Your lips, a cupid seduction, and your smile a dangerous invite. 

Like I always say for Kibbe romantics, feel your essence within, and the outfits will shine for you naturally. 

Kibbe Romantic Accommodation

We have already discussed Kibbe’s romantic accommodations here in detail. For those who want a quick briefing; below’s a recap! 

  • Voluptuous figure: Your most giving kibbe accommodation right after your petite height is your plum, heavily flesh-wrapped body. This flesh is visible on your face, chest, bust, limbs, hips, and thighs. The only place it’s absent is your waist. Compared to your whole body, your waist is curved inside and flesh-less. 

Together, full breasts, full hips, and fleshless waist create the perfect hourglass silhouette for a romantic body type. It’s not a wavy S-curve, it’s straight out of an “8.”

image 7

Wardrobe suggestion: Figure-flattering outfit choices; they should hug you tightly—especially at your bosom, waist, and hips. 

  • Short height: You reside on the yin spectrum of the kibbe system and that enables short height for your body type. Despite your petite stature, you don’t appear girlish or childish. Along with your fleshy body, you also have a broad bone structure that gives you that mature appeal. 

Wardrobe suggestions: Break your silhouette to highlight your upper body and lower body separately. 

  • Face type: Your broad bone structure and flesh deposition allow a round face shape endowed with full and lush cheeks. No jawline or other sharp accommodations. 

Hairstyle suggestions: Curls are your best friend, whether short or long. Have fuller, thicker curls when keeping your hair undone. Other hairstyles include sleek low bun and messy high bun. Your face type accommodates side-partition and center-partition. Keep your hairstyles lush with thick curls at all times.  

  • Features: Big eyes, small and round nose, and full lush lips. Remember, you are the most yin type in the kibbe system. 

Makeup suggestions: Expressive winged liner, visible blush to highlight your cheeks, and glossy lipstick in shades of red. 

Kibbe Romantic Winter Outfits – A Complete Guide

I meant it when I said, “It starts with your eyes.”

At times when you are covered and have little space to complement your body type; your eyes do the work for you, don’t let that ever skip your mind. 

Your eyes are the mirror of what constitutes you, use them to portray your complete sensuous essence. Go lush with your choices— romantic body type isn’t about moderation. 

Drunken eyes winged to perfection is the start.

Smokey makeup comes next, let it hood your eyes with big lashes. Subtle glitter to shimmer your eyes when your OOTD demands it. Don’t shy away from heavy makeup, it suits you like a lost puzzle. 

For your lips, go with bold shades of red, gloss, and matte both work, but I’d put my money on glossy lips.

Don’t forget to adorn a small beauty mark above your upper lips; it’s Marilyn’s inspiration and all-time best!

For your body type, your eyes do far more justice than your clothes. After your eyes, it’s your hair that draws attention to your lush existence.

This doesn’t mean clothes aren’t important. However, in comparison, eyes top the chart, hair comes next, and it all binds together when you put on the right outfits. 

Romantic Winter Accessories

Taking inspiration from the dramatic winter accessories, we have quite a lot in store for romantic body types.

Starting with vintage hats, lace gloves, head scarves, headbands, georgette neckties, etc. 

I’d avoid leather gloves because they have an edgy glint to their presence which isn’t the best item to keep for your lush body type.

On the other hand, lace gloves are romantic, regal, and grandeur. 

Just like dramatic classics, you can also not pick a random beanie to conclude your OOTD! No, most of the woolen varieties are casual and playful.

You, on the other hand, rely on pizzazz. 

So, whatever you choose whether head scarves hats, or gloves— They should all have one thing in common, and that’s indulgence. 

Vintage hats

While dramatic classics go with hats that have sharp edges and rims, you want curves in your vintage hat varieties.

Again, vintage hats come from the golden romantic era that was full of extravagance. So it’s natural for them to suit you without trouble. 

image 4

When going with edgy rims, choose vintage hats that have a luxurious appeal to suit your lush yin body type. 

  • Flared hats
  • Bow-wide trimmed hat
  • Sun hats: I know it’s ironic, but they work quite well with your body type all season long
  • Cartwheel hat
  • Brim hats
  • Flat beret
  • Full beret
  • Boater hat
  • Walker hat

Head scarves

A satin headscarf wrapped over your head and tied below your chin is the OG for the season. It keeps your essence alive while also keeping the cold air away from your ears. It should make a triangle shape from the back and the tie ends should reach mid-chest in the front. 

image 10

Another way you can wear a headscarf: wrap the headscarf over your head and wrap and tie it around your neck.

Instead of positioning it close to your forehead, keep it in the middle of your head. Unlike the first headscarf, this should be secured tightly. 

Head scarf as your headband: Fold the scarf allowing 5-width; take it from your head, let it cover your ear, and secure it below your hair at the neck.

The curls that fall behind look tenfold gorgeous with this headband. 

Choose either satin or soft fabrics with dainty floral prints. 


Lace gloves alone aren’t enough to keep you warm in the cold season. Choose lace gloves that are layered with a warm material inside. 

You can find them in multiple colors, including skin tones.

Another great choice is gloves made of velvet. The fabric is rich, elegant, and at the same time, thick enough to keep your hands from frostbite. 

Ear warmers hidden inside your hair

Believe it or not, your luscious curls are great at keeping your ears hidden from the cold hair, but of course, that’s not enough. 

You can choose to wear dainty ear muffs under your hair to keep them hidden while also keeping you warm. 

The catch is— don’t choose bulky ear muffs. They should be compressed so they can be hidden well. Next, part your hair into two sections like you do for a half ponytail.

Place the ear muffs at the backside of your head instead of the top of your head (under the parted hair). and then let those glamorous curls fall above. 

Fur Shawls

These appeared in our romantic fall edition, and literally stole the night! For winters, they are even more perfect!

They are thick but not in a way that takes you away from your body type. They are soft, warm, fuzzy, and curvy just like your silhouette.

They wrap on your body instead of standing on your stature like most overcoats. 

image 8

Faux fur shawls are great choices for when you are choosing an open neckline.

The second reason why I love fur shawls to the moon and back is because they are customizable at the moment.

You feel cold, pull it over your shoulder, you want to take a photo, you push it down the shoulder to make a v-line in the front. 

For winters, I’d suggest you choose a shawl sweater accompanied by hand shawls and we’ll discuss why soon enough.

For now, grab on those fur shawls, especially in the color red. 

These shawls look better when your OOTD consists of skirts and dresses. For casual OOTD, there would be a slight change in the layering! 

Romantic winter footwears 

Stiletto Heels are your body type’s HG because they enhance your figure, especially the legs and hip region. In that regard, legit any type of high heels works for your body type.

For the winter season, choose stiletto-front boots or any type of boots that’s pointed at the front edge.

For boots, all lengths work for you, whether knee-length, thigh-length, ankle-length or my favorite, calf-length. 

Long (high-heeled) boots look gorgeous for days when you are going with a short bodycon dress or skirt. They also work well with skin-fit high-waist jeans. 

Kibbe’s romantic winter outfits 

While Kibbe romantics’ OG is bodycon dresses in extravagant presence, you can also absolutely slay casual outfits.

The trick is to keep your accommodation in mind when choosing your fit. 

Because you accommodate an hourglass figure, you want to choose well-fitted tops and bottoms.

Secondly, because you accommodate a petite height, shorters, and high-waist jeans would work for you better!

As for the dresses, with the right neckline, gorgeous prints, awe-inspiring details, and body-flattering shape; nothing can stop you from shunning the night. 

Kibbe Romantic tops

Starting from the length, keep them at your waist curve; short and petite.

This doesn’t mean you have to choose crop tops, in fact, skip crop tops for your body type altogether. Instead, choose tops that can be tucked inside your high-waisted bottom. 

So below the waist and hipline length both work for you. It’s even better if you opt for body suits. Bodysuits provide a better shape for your body! 

image 11

Sleeves: Keep the sleeves full, reaching mid-fingers. 

For the winter necklines, you have high necks, turtle necks, and polo necks. The fabric should be warm, but not heavy.

So, closely knit woolen or jersey. For days when you want to try a plunging neckline, see if you can score an illusion high neck skin-colored body warmer.

You can cover its edge at the neck using a short neck scarf. 

  • Cowl neckline
  • Halter neckline
  • The illusion neckline is another charmer for the winter season! 
  • Off-the-shoulders
  • Scoop
  • Deep V-neck 
  • U-neck 
  • Sweetheart neckline. 
  • Spaghetti strap
  • Strapless
  • High neck with keyhole

When going with these necklines, have a fur shawl at hand or a fur-lined short Chanel jacket. 

Kibbe Romantic bottoms

High-waist should be your go-to choice at all times. The next stop is skin-fit bottoms, whether skirts or jeans. 

Avoid pants in totality because they appear sharper because of the tailored creases. Instead, choose bottoms that are stretchable and wrap around your legs like they are your second skin. 

High-waisted denim jeans are great for casual days. It’s even better if you choose boot-cut or flare varieties. They add to your yin essence. 

After jeans, you have short skirts and ¾ skirts.

Keep them bodycon and high-waisted at all times. When going with skirts, don’t forget to add a base layer of skin-colored body tights.

You can also go with skirts that hug the waist and hips and then end with a flare at the hem. 

Kibbe Romantic fabrics

For casual wear, you always want to choose stretchable materials. Don’t ever opt for stiff materials as they go against your curvy and soft-edged body type.

This goes all the way to your outer layers. Whether you choose to wear overcoats, cardigans, or jackets. 

For dresses, go for premium woolen or winter fabrics that have a luxurious appeal. Velvet is your first choice, but other knit woolen varieties are also welcome.

On fancier days, satin is your comrade, always and forever. 

For your overcoats and shawl sweater, nothing beats an expensive and lavish fur coat with an equally soft and luscious fall. 

Print and pattern: nothing more speaks of indulgence than animal prints. They look lethal on you! 

Kibbe Romantic Dresses

Take our romantic fall style guide and pick all the dresses we have mentioned there! Your print and fabric quality should always be premium and opulent, don’t ever sacrifice that, fabric plays a big role in bringing out your essence! 

As for the length, all lengths work whether short, ¾, or floor length. However, do avoid knee-length for your skirts and dresses. 

image 9

Sleeves: Bring in off-shoulder bishop sleeves, bell sleeves with one end touching your upper thighs, elbow bishop, puffed sleeves, full-length balloon, flutter sleeves, 

There’s satin, lace, shimmer, and velvet with intricate work on top!

Because your dresses are often on the sexier side, I highly recommend you wear full-body tights to keep the warmth locked inside.

At the same time, don’t forget to drape yourself in a flowing overcoat or shawl sweater that reaches the floor. 

A straight slit from your thighs to the floor is a great addition to your dresses as long as you are wearing a body-tight inside. 

Oh, and flare at the hem of your dresses is more than welcome. 

Kibbe Romantic Layering

Keep your full-body skin-colored tights ready, they will be your first shield for the season. As for the outer-most layer, choose flowy fabrics that have a great amount of fall. Avoid stiff overcoats or jackets. 

image 6
  • Premium woolen knit long overcoat.
  • Fur-lined thin leather. 
  • Soft teddy overcoat without extreme stiffness

On a completely different note, another gorgeous and romantic choice for your romantic body type is an oversized overcoat made of fleece or a men’s suit/blazer.

Mind you, it must be oversized and unbuttoned. Why oversized, you may ask? 

It’s symbolic to men and their nature to provide something warm to their date when walking her back home.

The gesture is romantic and fits the scene and your body type. 

The fall fabric rule doesn’t apply to short jackets. They can be stiff and made of fleece— thick leather, thick teddies, bomber jackets, etc.

But make sure they are cropped and showcase your waist, hips, and legs. 

kibbe romantic body type winter outfits
kibbe romantic body type winter outfits
kibbe romantic body type winter outfits
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