A Complete Style Guide To Soft Classic Winter Outfits!
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8 Feb

A Complete Style Guide To Soft Classic Winter Outfits! 

Wondering how to dress in Winter if you are a Soft Classic by Kibbe?

This article has all the answers!

Sometimes, less is more, and for soft classics less is always more!

Your body type dazzles on moderation and modesty; its importance isn’t lost in the winters either, despite the urgent need to cover up.

Minimalism is your forte, poise is your vision, and soft is your gentle appearance. 

Where dramatic classics add a dangerous glint to their otherwise harmonious body type, soft classics take the opposite route and highlight themselves with subtlety, elegance, poise, and charm. 

image 2

And before you conclude it to be meh, the very subtlety and elegance sets you apart from the crowd.

The less becomes a statement! 

It’s no different for the winter season, your style choices are symmetrical, balanced, and proportionate— oozing suaveness without making you appear arrogant. 

Even when you layer and accessorize, it should blend in together instead of standing out of proportion. 

My favorite attributes in SCs are the silent hints of romantic elements that you get to add to your outfits— lace trims, romantic sleeves, dainty jewelry, floral prints, frills, romantic necklines, waist definition, a-line skirts/dresses, and rich fabrics like satin and chiffon. 

Just like DCs, your body type slays suits and blazers, but there’s a huge style divergence between both choices. We’ll discuss this soon enough. 

However, suits aren’t your only choice for the season. Unlike DCs, your body type welcomes a plethora of woolen variations.

You can slay sweaters, cardigans, short jackets, woolen varieties, knitted vests, delicate overcoats, dainty a-line dresses/skirts, and so much more. 

Below’s a rundown for Soft Classic’s winter edition— from tops to bottoms, to layers, and accessories. Before we begin, let’s take a stop at understanding soft classic’s Kibbe Accommodation. 

Soft Classic Kibbe Body

Soft Classics take a center position in the kibbe system along with dramatic classics. Despite belonging to the same family, dramatic classics and soft classics have completely different style aesthetics. 

In retrospect, soft classics share a keen resemblance with the soft gamine body type— both body types have a subtle wrap of flesh on their body giving them a gentle and soft silhouette, not sensual (do note!) 

It’s also good to remember that Soft Gamine is soft with playfulness and girlishness. On the contrary, soft classics are soft with poise and elegance. 

Bone structure: Balanced

Flesh: towards Yin

Features and face structure: Balanced and inclined towards yin.

1. Soft classic’s bone structure (skeleton) is balanced, i.e., neither too broad nor too narrow, and this is visible throughout their body, whether face, limbs, or torso. 

Your frame is also symmetrical and in complete harmony with the rest of the body; they align together effortlessly— shoulders, chest, bust, waist, hands, hips, legs, and face. 

Wardrobe recommendations: Always choose symmetrical and balanced outfits. Asymmetry or a distorted silhouette will work against your balanced body frame. 

image 3

2. Moderate height: Unlike soft gamine’s petite stature, soft classics have a moderate height between 5 ft. 6”-5 ft 7”.

This is also the reason why their body type inherits poise and elegance instead of playfulness or girlish charm. 

They are taller than the yin body types and this is further enhanced by their balanced torso and limbs.

Contrarily, soft classics appear shorter than dramatic classics. Nonetheless, in general, their height appears neither too tall nor too short, but in the safe middle. 

Wardrobe selection: Again, your height is moderate, and your outfit choices should complement that balanced stature.

Choose tops and bottoms that divide your body in a 1:3 ratio and a 2:3 ratio. 

  • 1:3 for tops.
  • 2:3 for bottoms. 

Apply the same system for your bottoms: When choosing a skirt or dress, 2:3 is the appropriate length instead of floor or 1:2.

3. Soft flesh: Their balanced skeleton accommodates a subtle wrap of flesh. It’s not voluptuous like the romantic. Instead, this subtle flesh adds a soft and gentle silhouette to SCs, not sensual. 

Wardrobe recommendations: Having a yin undercurrent opens multiple style variations for soft classics. Although they are only present in subtle hints, those small additions make a huge difference. 

  • Emphasize your waist for starters because the subtle flesh and balanced bone frame do allow you a curve. Waist-length tops or slightly below adjusted by a belt, high waist, or mid-rise bottoms. 
  • Body-hugging clothes but not too tight or overwhelming. 
  • Your outfit’s edges around your neck, shoulder, and limbs should neither be too round nor too sharp. It should provide composure but not sharpness. 

4. Symmetrical and balanced features: Soft classics have balanced features, i.e., neither too big nor too thin, this goes for your eyes, lips, nose, and cheekbones. 

You have distinguished a jawline, chin, and cheekbones but not too prominent, they are wrapped in subtle flesh, but still visible. 

Makeup and haircut recommendation: Blush pink with natural makeup is your highlight! Sometimes, red works, too! 

Long and short hair both work with soft and subtle waves. 

5. Face structure: Because you accommodate a balanced skeleton, your face type is neither too narrow nor too broad.

With a distinguished jawline, cheekbones, chin, and subtle flesh, you accommodate a heart-shaped face. 

Hairstyles: Curtain bangs will always suit your face type. 

A Complete Style Guide To Soft Classic Winter Outfits

How to keep yourself warm and follow your style at the same time? It’s easy for soft classics.

Your choices should blend together instead of standing out. By blending in your articles, you create one single undisturbed image. 

Instead of being dramatic, “catchy,” or over-the-top, they should be simple, subtle, and modest. 

These adjectives may often sound “boring” or “outdated,” but trust me when I say this— there’s nothing boring about vintage outfits.

They are the class. They are standards. They are the embodiment of sophistication. They are timeless. 

And yes, the soft classic body type is the vintage GOAT!

No other body type slays vintage outfits like soft classics. 

In today’s era, carrying vintage outfits with charm, elegance, and grace is a rarity and that’s what makes you stand out in the crowd, bringing in all the eyes. 

Vintage outfits are not the only aesthetics in-store for you, there’s a plethora of style aesthetics and modern-day statements, and below’s the full drop! 

Soft Classic Winter Accessories

You don’t want too many accessories, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize at all.

Here’s the catch, your accessories should blend with the rest of your OOTD, instead of creating a divergence. 

image 5

Blending in doesn’t mean hiding. Instead, it means creating one single image with your style choices to maintain that balance. 

Vintage hats

  • Vintage sailor hats
  • Sailor hats with net veil
  • capulet 
  • Beret
  • Flat boater hats
  • Dainty and delicate chiffon scarf. 

All 1950s hat varieties are your playground! 

Dainty gloves

Unlike DCs who quite literally own leather gloves, your glove’s fabric choice is different and rich. Velvet and satin are two prime fabrics, whether wrist-length or arm-length.

image 1

Instead of choosing a contrasting color for your gloves, choose monochrome shades that match your outfit. 

Lace gloves might look too much, a better choice is dainty prints on the gloves, such as polka dots or small pastel florets.

When going with lace gloves, choose plain ones with small pearl and diamond detailing. 


Mufflers should be for rarer occasions because they give off a casual vibe. Again, simple and sober in gentle colors would always work for you! 

Simple and elegant neck scarves

Instead of mufflers, a simple and elegant scarf ribbon tied around your neck to form a gentle bow is perfect for events. 


Jewelry should be dainty, delicate, and pearly! Pearl is the most preferred choice, but don’t stop yourself from trying thin and delicate gold, silver, and platinum chains with elegant pendants and matching earrings/studs. 

Soft classic Tops

Crop, below-waist, and hip-line top lengths all work for your body type. However, crop lengths aren’t suitable for the season. Ensure you layer something warmer inside that can be tucked into your bottoms. 

image 4

When going with lengths below your waist, use a belt to provide the much-needed waist definition.

At casual events, you can leave your top’s hip-length untucked. For formal events. 

Because you have a yin undercurrent, all romantic necklines work in your favor. 

  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Boatneck 
  • Collar neckline
  • Jewel 
  • Off-shoulder
  • Queen Anne
  • Square neck
  • V-neck
  • U-neck
  • Dress shirt with lace work and a formal vest below your bustline. 

However, avoid asymmetrical or plunging necklines altogether. 

For the winter season, nothing beats a good ol’ high neck. It perfectly outlines your soft yet balanced silhouette, emphasizing your shoulders and limbs.

High neck, turtle neck, and polo neck all work! In fact, you can use them as the foremost layer of your winter OOTD!

They easily complement the new neckline placed above. 

Embrace your yin undercurrent, and choose sleeves, necklines, and high necks with lace finishes. 

Sleeves: Full sleeves are the priority of the season, let it reach your mid-fingers to complement your balanced hands. 

Welcome romantic sleeves because they look absolutely stunning on you. Romantic sleeves include:

  • Virango sleeves
  • Layered frills full sleeves
  • Angel sleeves
  • Puffed at the shoulder
  • Full sleeves with open ruffled ends at the wrist.
  • Wrist bell sleeves

These sleeves look exceptionally well in chiffon and georgette finish. 

Soft Classic Fabrics For Winter Season

You portray sophistication and class, so rich and high-quality fabric choices are a must. 

For winters, your wardrobe should have thick satin for elegant tops, cashmere for men’s suits, checkered tweed for jackets, angora for certain sweaters, thick, but rich woolen varieties, faux fur, duchess satin, muslin, charmeuse, cotton satin, cotton, silk-linen blend, triple crepe, linen, etc. 


At the same time, they should be soft and have a fall complementing your yin undercurrent. Avoid stiff fabric material, even when choosing fabric for suits and overcoats. 

Did I say Denim for Soft Classic? Yes!

For casual days, denim looks absolutely stunning and laid back on you. Its casual visuals are perfect for when you plan to keep it fun and casual! 

This includes denim jeans tucked with shirts, denim overshirt pulled on a red sweater, denim flares contrasting with a short collar-less jacket, denim skirts, etc!

Soft Classic Bottoms. 

High-waist bottoms are crucial whether you choose a below-waist or hip-line top.

It splits your figure in a proper ratio. It’s better if you choose bottoms that come with an added belt.

Also, the cloth belt should be thick to provide a proper waist definition. 

image 1

For the Soft classic winter edition, my favorite would be ⅔ skirt length in a-line structure, whether pleated or flowing.

Ensure you wear layered skin-colored tights for the winter.

Woolen bodycon works in your favor, too, but they should be breathable instead of being overly tight. 

Bodycon works for you because your yin undercurrent accommodates an s-curve to your silhouette. After skirts, we have pants and jeans. 

  • Straight pants are your first choice. 
  • Because you accommodate yin shape, flare works, too.
  • Front pleats

The pants should define your hips delicately, and then flow down straight from there. 

Soft Classic Winter Dresses

Dresses are your forte more than skirts and more than suits! They bring about elegance, grace, and charm to your overall personality. Plus, they highlight your balanced + yin body type beautifully. 

Bodycon dresses are welcome but they shouldn’t be overly tight.

The neckline shouldn’t be plunging, but it should be romantic, of course! The length, again, should be ⅔ or slightly above your ankles. 

image 3

But bodycon isn’t your first preference, your body type looks phenomenal in dresses that hug your torso and run freely from the waist down, whether transforming into a flare, pleats, or frills.  

You can also choose to let it hug your body up until the hipline and then flare down slowly. 

For winter, choose knitted dresses with romantic necklines and sleeves (discussed above).

You can also layer the dress with a matching high neck underneath and a soft overcoat outside. 

Soft Classic Winter Layering

Wool varieties look gorgeous on you, just like they do on soft gamines.

In fact, you can choose woolen varieties from soft gamine’s wardrobe, keeping your lines in mind. 

  • Short knitted cardigan
  • Long and lush overcoats
  • Crop a high-neck sweater over your dress
  • Base-layer of thick cauterized shirts
  • Fleece sweaters
  • Short overcoats 
  • Chanel jacket
  • Short blazers reaching your hip lines matched with pencil skirts reaching your knees. 
  • Knit sweater layered on a collared shirt. 
  • Knitted cardigans
  • Overcoats with balloon sleeves and wrist bell sleeves
  • Knitted and fur sweaters of all lengths and fits.
  • Knitted vest 

How To Wear Men’s Suit As A Soft Classic?

Unlike dramatic classics, you don’t always need a proper three-piece suit to slay a blazer! While DCs make use of a waistcoat, soft classics don’t need it. 

image 2
  • Instead, you can choose to wear your suit over a high-neck along with matching pants. 
  • Choose a suit with an add-on belt. Don’t choose one that you need to buy, it should better be buckled. For lush events, a soft and flowing belt works that you can try around your waist and create a bow out of it. 
  • On days when you do wish to carry a waistcoat, add a high neck base layer and skip a blazer. Keep your waistcoat’s button open. For the topmost layer, choose an overcoat instead of a blazer. 
  • Instead of pairing your suit with a pair of pants, pair it with a pencil knee-length skirt. Don’t forget the tights for the season. 
  • Dress shirt, layered with a strapless corset-type waistcoat. 
  • Fancy lace-detailed shirt with a bow tie at the collar button layered with a waistcoat that goes below your bustline instead of starting at your chest. A normal waistcoat has a v-neck. A romantic waistcoat that goes below the bustline has a U-shaped line.
Soft Classic Winter Outfits
Soft Classic Winter Outfits
Soft Classic Winter Outfits
soft classic body type winter outfits
soft classic body type winter outfits
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