Bella Hadid Body, Face, Style: Soft Dramatic Body Type
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29 Jan

Bella Hadid Body, Face, Style: Soft Dramatic Body Type Wardrobe

Are you wondering what Bella Hadid body looks like and how she styles her wardrobe?

This article has all the answers!

Bella Hadid body is organically natural and attractive in her lines. She definitely has a style of an interesting and charismatic female model.

Her face looks extremely dramatic, her body is well toned, and she herself embodies some kind of an iron lady with subtle fragility.

As if it had been forged for a long time and it turned out to be an inflexible outlandish flower with iron petals. In other words, she is a rose with sharp thorns.

Bella Hadid

Bella’s gaze is quite heavy, a look from the narrow eyes. It is difficult for Kibbe’s dramatic types to present themselves as soft ladies.

Here I chose the best images of Bella Hadid so you can judge for yourself how much a person has learned to present herself in the best spotlight. 

Bella Hadid is an antipode of Gigi Hadid

Bella is entirely different from her sister Gigi; if we talk about the energies in a person, then Gigi has a bright, warm, caressing power in her.

She is very contrasting – she has a cold, regal, serpentine, business-like energy.

If Gigi Hadid (more Flamboyant body type) is visually perceived as an open and cheerful person, Bella is like an antique statue frozen in time.

In the first photo, Bella is beautiful and graceful. She makes an expensive impression because the dress is elegant and tasteful.

When Bella has a minimum of jewelry, it undoubtedly emphasizes her beauty. In this case, the favorite word about blue blood is very suitable for her. In appearance, royalty and mystery are felt immediately.

The second example is suitable only for the flowing reflection of silver.

Everything else is just “trash”. Girls with a dramatic component are not recommended to get exposed so openly in public, it doesn’t add any class to them. 

This look does not feel as high fashion on Bella. Just compare it with the first photo. And the underwear that is visible completely erases Bella’s personality.

This is not the best pick for a model that is well versed in fashion trends.

The satin sheen of a black dress in a formal style is not wrong, spoiling the look with an especially burned hem and untidy sleeves.

Bella Hadid doesn’t go sloppy, and the sense of expensive style disappears.

And again, why I am stressing so much about looking expensive?

Because her body face shape dictates a certain style, where Bella specifically needs to look like a high-class lady.

That is what really suits her with her Soft Dramatic vibe.

Bella Hadid style analysis

This is the photo where Bella’s dignity and beauty are cleverly revealed.

Here you can see her personality. The dense fabric of the grey coat remains relatively smooth.

Trousers are close to the tone of the skin and a bag with hard edges is ideal for this look.

Bella is one of those girls who can adorn herself with a minimum of jewelry and be noticed in the crowd.

This is the best image of this set of photos.

The first image is divided into two parts. The first is seemingly luxurious because of the fur coat with smooth electric kind of fur, and the second is highly unsuccessful due to mixing other more ordinary things with a fur coat.

As a result, a girl came out as a “mountain”.

Rough boots do not suit such a graceful figure as Bella’s. Plain cotton in the form of a T-shirt – dress is not her option.

Only the fur collar emphasizes Bella’s neat head and thin neck very well. Overall she failed with this styling.

Take a look at the other photo: leather-like fabrics fit perfectly and emphasize the mystery of the girl. Facial features become more sleek, chiselled, and sharp.

And in the third image, there is something Indian, calling for nature.

The colors of the clothes are well intertwined with the colors of Bella Hadid’s appearance.

Open neckline, shimmery fabric, and massive embellishment, facial features are beautifully illuminated by the radiance of clothing.

In the next photo – only a smooth, shiny coat is good; everything else is strange. Denim doesn’t suit Bella, and jeans obviously don’t work for her.

Bella Hadid doesn’t go well with mixing and matching with textures as her sister Gigi does.

They have completely different appearances and this is why they go with different styles.

If rough jeans were replaced with more relaxed tight trousers, the image would look elegant. But jeans spoil everything here. 

Textures and materials for Bella Hadid

The silhouette of the dress emphasizes the girl’s slender figure, but the color and the texture do not suit Bella. The fabric does not fit her at all.

Most likely, in a black or dark blue dress, it would look different, but for dramatic types, light colors are simply a bit inadequate. If you still want to choose white (and relative shades) you should pay attention to shimmering and more expensive-looking textures.

The most creditable thing about this look style is the shoes. They suit Bella Hadid. The sharp elongated shape and metal zipper give the legs style and beauty.

Aside from the ankle boots, Bella looks like a heroine from a good old movie in this dress. Smoothness suits her, but such heavy “sweater knits” is more for flamboyant body types like Gigi.

Take a look at the other picture of the set above: a beautiful presentation of the youth spirit, combined with over-the-knee boots and a loose dress, in the style of Natural types.

And here is an excellent saturated military color of a free-cut dress. Treads look great in this tandem.

However, if that was up to me to decide on this look I’d put a wide belt on her waist to emphasize her slenderness. This is the most flamboyant look: As far as she would be allowed to go.

Third picture: an exciting vintage style combination for Bella Hadid on the catwalk. In the presence of a designed collar, her face looks refined and expressive.

There are not enough vertical, dark shades in the image, and loose hair is needed.

A good cut and length of the coat and a well-decorated collar. There are also poorly mismatched summer shoes and a thin lace blouse.

The fourth image: “Bravo! Bella!” Bella Hadid is stunning in this futuristic dress.

Rigid landing contoured corners on the neckline emphasize her iron lady essence

The brilliant cosmic color of the dress is incomparable. The asymmetrical cut works well because it also has sharp edges that go well with her facial lines.

She looks like a girl – a knight in the shining rays of Selena.

If you choose, the fabric of a grey blazer looks nobler than a bright fluffy suit. But these two looks do not fit the beautiful, sophisticated Bella Hadid.

In the first photo, we can see how Bella added a belt to the silhouette of an oversized blazer.

But thin transparent fabrics underneath cheapens the look, plus the belt should have been wider than that one. So overall outfit is unfinished for her.

But in the second image, Bella has an indication of the transition from the waist to the hips, which is good in this case and the collarbones are accentuated well with an open boat neckline.

But the whole sporty outfit doesn’t really do anything for her. That outfit would rather fit her sister.

The third photo I chose to show how coarse the face of dramatic color is in the presence of an incredible amount of decoration. Leave all these sparkling stones to Monica Bellucci. There they will suit her face and add a luxury vibe.

But Bella immediately becomes different. Bella does not seem classy against the background of feathers, rhinestones, and very thin material.

As I mentioned earlier, Bella Hadid goes with a clear cut and a minimum of jewelry. But if there are plenty of decorations already, then they need to be monolithic.

The fourth photo is the best of this set. Bella looks stylish and shining in the right light. Not with ornate jewelry and delicate beads, but with leather materials.

Shiny leather fits her personality.  Here she looks like herself. And in her hands, there is a complicated bag with a chain from Bvlgari – it’s perfect for Dramatists.

Look at the beautiful Bella dressed in leather, and smooth orange fur is added for contrast! The skin on the face immediately glows, and the lines of the face are refined.

And she does not need a neckline to attract attention. We can see a woman that is a real badass. She is a “wild and dangerous cat”.

In the first photo, Bella Hadid is wearing black “secret agent” glasses. Long cat-eye frames echo the lines of the face.

The lines repeat themselves in nature of the essence, and when you find yours, their look is complete. Even with denim underneath, the leather overshadows it with its stateliness.

For example, the lines of the Doberman dog breed are identical to the lines of the body and face of Bella Hadid – meaning dramatic long aristocratic lines

A stately, expensive, lean Doberman rhymes beautifully with Bella. Good leather jacket with accentuated shoulders. The perfect black turtleneck.

The rustic-looking denim doesn’t suit her at all. But at the top, there is the necessary sharp collar as well. It does not allow facial features to look blurred due to inappropriate fabric.

Pointed-toe shoes are ideal for dramatics.

Photo three is unsuccessful because of a plaid shirt. Such things will forgive Bella, and she needs a black top. The skirt fits well, and the glasses model no longer fits the girl’s face. As a result, the style falls apart.

Look at the body and face of Bella Hadid. In combination with frankly feminine lingerie, the girl again seems a bit incomplete. Bella would be more suited to a strict harness than lace.

But it suits color and shine. Due to her skin requiring a smooth texture, she wears a sheen.

Bella has an expressive, chiselled face. That particular set would look much better in black color – that would immediately add sharpness to her face.

This is Bella’s incarnation! All four consecutive pictures capture the sleek elegance of Bella Hadid’s soft dramatic type.

The black leather of the glove with sharp spikes and distinctive colors of the iron lady.

Bella is so good that it even hides the thin lace of the dress. Significant elements are in harmony with the same prominent facial features of Bella Hadid.

A bright, sparkling image with the stripes on a sparkling suit turns the outfit into a sophisticated, not trivial look.

Shades of silver and black play a good part in Bella Hadid’s looks, and she is unforgettable in this style.

The strength of the vertical line is the correct rate with a yang component. Here Bella is the very force of attraction to her person.

A floor-length, narrow dress with a sharp neckline reveals the delicate skin of the neckline and thin collarbones.

The eyes, well underlined by arrows and shadows, have become even more profound and sharper. Bella Hadid’s exquisite style shines through in this outfit.

Most of her images are shades of silver, black, and grey. Here, too, Bella shines, like a night luminary in an endless sky with a myriad of stars.

Clear shoulder pads immediately rigidly indicate Bella Hadid’s belonging to the dramatic type.

The girl is beautiful in such highly underlined lines, asymmetry, and highlighted waist with a rigid belt.

Remember that smoothness in makeup, hair, and clothing lines is essential if you are also a dramatic type. In cosmetics, it’s great to draw eyes with long cat lines in a graceful style.

And put a few layers of mascara. Also, emphasize the cheekbones with sharp strokes of the brush. Lipstick should be with a contour.

Light transparent glosses and too shiny lipsticks will not work. Your style should be expressed in elegance.

Your shoes are the most stylish with pointed toes and bags with sharp concrete edges. You need large monolithic rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.



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