Color Palette With Red For Capsule Wardrobe And Style
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20 Jul

Color Palette With Red For Capsule Wardrobe And Style

Are you wondering how to put color palette with red within your capsule wardrobe together to make it look great?

Join my discourse on the basics of combining the color palette with red and how to successfully integrate it into your everyday life and capsule wardrobe

As we begin to create our capsule wardrobes, many of us struggle with the fact that we want many things but don’t have the space for lots of different colors especially when it comes to a capsule wardrobe that has served us for many years. We tend to stick to a particular set of colors and shades to our habitual taste because we are so convinced that all these chosen colors really suit us. We also tend to overshop and end up with too much which doesn’t really work for us.

However, I really encourage you, as a fashionista to get courageous with introducing other non-trivial colors into our wardrobes for everyday life. We do need to stand out a little bit more and show our true self and character! It’s great when a woman is proud of who she is and is not afraid of being bright. It is highly welcome in society to be bold and wear the red color of passion.

In today’s post, we’re going to give you simple tips on how to build your own color palette with red for your capsule wardrobe. Having a well-thought-out color palette is one of the most basic ways to build a successful capsule wardrobe and it can be done in about 10 minutes or less!

We’re also going to discuss some other colors that match well with red to make your color palette even stronger.

The Red Color Palette In Fashion

Red is the first color that comes to mind when we use the words fashion or style and for a good reason. It’s known as a vibrant, bold, and attractive color that has been used in all sorts of ways dating back hundreds of years before modern times.

Red is used a lot in fashion, especially for accessories like shoes and handbags. However, it’s also widely used by artists and designers to communicate passion, danger, strength, power, anger/rage, love/passion, or the “forbidden fruit”. In fact, red has so many different meanings that some art historians believe red began as a way to communicate a multitude of different ideas at the same time.

This makes it easy to see why red has been used so much in fashion and art over the years. But this also makes it incredibly difficult to create a color palette using red as your main color. This is because there are so many different variations of red that you could use.

Here Are Some Examples of Colors That Go Well With Red

Often times when people think of a red color palette, they immediately jump to the opposite side of the color wheel and land on blue or purple. This is because these colors are often considered opposites, but they do create very different looks.

Blue increases feelings of calmness while also promoting trust and faithfulness. Blue also comes off as a great color for business and professionalism. While purple is the color of royalty, but also gives off a feeling of luxury that makes it good for formal events.

Red creates feelings of passion, danger, power, and anger. Red also indicates to your viewer that you’re open to being approached or are ready to take action towards something in front of you.

However, red can also create a feeling of warmth and love.

So you already know that there are many different ways to use red in your different color palettes. But which colors really match well with the color red? Which ones would be great for wearing together while you’re out at an event or exploring your town?

Let’s take a look at how these colors match with the red color

Orange is known for creating a feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Orange also looks great when you’re out during the day and it’s sunny outside. So while orange may be considered a warm color, it doesn’t promote feelings of heat like red can. This means that it’s the perfect color to wear together with red for an outdoorsy feel.

Yellow is one of the bright and warm colors that creates feelings of happiness, fun, and optimism. It can also promote mental clarity as well as optimism in general while you’re wearing it. While yellow may appear to be a cool color when compared to the other colors we’ve discussed, it’s not as cold and harsh as blue is. This means that you can wear yellow and red together without feeling like you’re overheating in the sun.

Green and red also pair well together because they both create feelings of nature, freshness, and growth. While green is often used to promote feelings of wealth or prosperity, red creates feelings of power, control, and independence. These are powers that you can use to take action toward achieving whatever goals you have on your board this year.

Purple is one of the colors that red and blue come from, so it only makes sense that these two opposites would pair well together while also creating a unique style all their own.

Blue and red also have a lot in common. Both colors come off as elegant, classy, and professional when you’re wearing them together. However, while blue is for those that are seeking peace and tranquility as well as purity, red creates feelings of difference, anger, strength, power, and danger. This can oftentimes lead to the feeling that you are willing to do whatever it takes, which can be a great way to inspire people around you to achieve their goals and desire this year.

So Which Colors Should You Use?

This really depends on your style preferences that what color combination you want to use. However, if you’re looking to make a color palette with red, then you really can’t go wrong with these combinations.

-If you want to feel powerful and ready for action, then perhaps orange or blue will be the best fit.

-If you’re looking to promote feelings of love and self-confidence, then you may want to try purple or yellow.

-If you want to attract attention and promote strength around yourself, then maybe red and blue would be a great fit for you.

How to find out which shade of red color suits you the most?

You have to find out if your skin type is warm or cold

That is really easy to do! The fastest way to understand what your main type is is to face yourself in the mirror and play around with gold and silver jewelry. For example: If you see that you have a slightly pinkish skin undertone and silver earrings suit you better – you are a cold type. If you have olive shaded skin and gold jewels suit you better – you are a warm type.

 You do have a soft appearance colorwise, but it’s not completely true when technical resources say that your “features appear somewhat “greyed” out or toned down”. There are people with grey-ish appearance, but their blue eyes definitely stand out. They are somewhat muted, but in general, you can clearly see that the color of the eyes does stand out from the whole picture of your colors.

Your true colors are “muted”, but if you add perfect soft spring color to your features (or at least one f them) will definitely stand out. With the right palette, your features will be enhanced!

To better understand your color palette check out these seasonal palettes.

Best Clothing Ideas For Your Color Palette With Red For Capsule Wardrobe

Now we know about all the colors that go with red, now it’s time to start thinking about the best pieces that you can buy in your color palette with red.

When it comes to a capsule wardrobe, most women don’t like to buy clothes that will clash when they mix and match them as has been shown in the examples above. This is because it can make the outfit look unattractive and if you are not very fashion-literate you can make mistakes when it comes to the right red color shade.

However, if you’re planning to use red as the basic color for your capsule wardrobe, this is much easier than most women think. You can mix and match just about any piece of clothing you’d like and it will still make you look attractive if you follow the example down below.

Here Are Some Of The Capsule Wardrobe Ideas For Your Color Palette With Red

A pair of jeans and a red top/shirt (i highly recommend a red silk shirt) can make it for a very simple casual outfit. Add some black heels and a classy bag to this look and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a dinner or even an office birthday party.

A total red look with a pair of high boots and a pair of black sunglasses is another great option if you are a bold woman. You can use this outfit for a casual dinner or even a night out in the town after work.

A red dress is another wardrobe staple thing that should be in anyone’s wardrobe. You can wear this dress for a casual dinner or even to a holiday party/ classy restaurant meeting. I highly recommend a polka dot printed dress as this is the amalgam of class and dignity. Just recall the movie “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts used to wear a polka dot printed dress to an event with Richard Gere. You can also accompany this outfit with a red summer hat, red/white sunglasses, white or black bag and shoes.

A red pencil skirt with a V-neck shirt and heels is another great option for anyone that wants to wear red. This outfit is ideal for an office party or even a casual dinner.

A red cardigan or a sweater is also another great option for your color palette with red. This is a very popular option for women who want to wear red but don’t like the idea of showing too much skin. This is a great option for those who are afraid of bright colors, so this might be the perfect first thing for your wardrobe to try out. After all, red is still considered to be a classy and essential color for a wardrobe.

A crispy white/off-white shirt/top paired with a red pencil skirt is a classic color palette for women. You can wear this outfit to the office or to a restaurant for lunch.

A red top paired with a white skirt or a white top with a pair of red pants is another great option for women that want to wear red but don’t want to stand out too much. This is always a classy look for an elegant lady.

So What Style of Clothing Should You Go For With Your Red Color Palette?

When it comes to styles of clothing, there is a very wide variety that you can choose from. However, most women don’t like to buy clothes that go with their color palettes just for the sake of doing so. This is because they want each outfit to be as attractive and classy as possible.

But the most important thing is, you must feel comfortable and confident when you wear the outfit. Not everyone is going to love your style of clothing, but if it makes you feel great and boosts your self-confidence, then that’s what really matters.


So in this article, we talked about how you can use the red color palette in your capsule wardrobe and what kind of styles it can incorporate into your wardrobe.

We also took a look at some of the colors that go with red and talked about the best pieces that you can buy for your closet.

But there’s one thing we can’t deny in life, “It makes us feel comfortable and confident when we are wearing something red!”.

So if you are looking for ways to add more color to your life, you should definitely try using the red spectrum. The colors in this range can help energize and stimulate us. It is also associated with physical activity such as sports or exercise, making it an excellent choice for those who want to get moving!

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