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27 Mar

Elegant dress for a wedding guest: Model recommends!

Elegant dress for a wedding guest

Picking an elegant dress for a wedding is a mission!

Elegant dress for a wedding guest is always a very difficult choice for every woman. You need to look beautiful and the dress has to enhance what you have and probably hide what you need to hide. There are always so many questions when it comes to a wedding guest dress.

How to pick a color for the wedding guest dress

Elegant dress for a wedding guest
Elegant dress for a wedding guest

It’s a tricky questions as everyone has their own skin undertow and complexion. The same color will always look different on a blond and a brunette woman. I would advise choosing something very versatile so everyone could wear it with full confidence.

On another event I would recommend wearing white, but this is a wedding so always remember to avoid white. Only a bride can be dressed in white and nobody else.

I introduce you such a color palette as a golden shimmery champagne tone. This is a very unique and universal color that will definitely enhance any beauty. This color literally sits everyone and makes look sophisticated.

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If you want to a modest dress for a wedding guest here is my interpretation of the same dress. You could just take a soft color blouse and a matching color belt.

How to choose the dress that suits you

Elegant dress
Elegant dress

A wedding event is supposedly a suit and tie event. Ladies are to be dressed elegantly. Apparently you cannot wear a pair of jeans and sneakers unless you are asked to by the bride. Of course the theme of the wedding is also important. Otherwise, just imagine you are going to the red carpet event and be elegant.

I’d personally choose simplicity, as its the key to every winning outfit. A long straight body-fitting dress is a top-notch choice. No crystals, embroidery or pints on the dress. The pure simplicity and the right color is going to serve you right. If you want to look elegant that must be your choice.

Makeup and hair for the wedding guest

For that kind of a dress I prefer to wear my hair up. If you make this hair too you will be automatically different, as it will remind everyone of the Great Gatsby romance.

Champagne dress for wedding
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