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16 Dec

7 Kitchener Essences: Style & Personalities

7 Kitchener Essences
Are you wondering what the 7 Kitchener Essences are? This article has all the answers. We all want to personalize and style ourselves like the famous celebrities we see on magazine covers. This is where Kitchener Essences will come in handy. Today's fashion has become overly focused towards the 'trends.' However, have you ever come across the realization that this 'certain type of style' simply doesn't fit your overall personality, vibe, body type, and features, no matter how hard you try?  Well, because there's a reason behind it. Following the trends often forces us to wear an outfit that doesn't suit our body style or vibe at all. That's where style essences come into play!  They allow you to find your own style that simultaneously reflects...
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29 Nov

All White Color Capsule Wardrobe For Autumn & Winter

All White Color Capsule Wardrobe
Wondering how to wear an all-white capsule wardrobe and where to start with it? I resolved this dilemma with these comprehensive guidelines for you! A color capsule wardrobe for Autumn and Winter doesn't have to be all black or all brown. All-white color palettes can be just as effective, especially when matched with the right accessories. White is ideal for these two seasons as it can help with color reflection, enhance your color palette and keep you warm. The best part about white is that it's a very versatile color. You can find everything from casual t-shirts to dressier pieces such as blazers and trousers, all in white. Also, it doesn't matter what your skin color is; it goes with all skin tones and...
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26 Nov

Soft Summer vs Deep Winter: Differences, Similarities & Controversies

Soft Summer vs Deep Winter
Are you wondering what the differences and similarities between Soft Summer vs Deep Winter are? This article has all the answers! In my practice, I have discovered that even when people get to know their seasonal color type, they still struggle to understand how to choose clothes. Many people who have already got typed by some other "professionals" (or sometimes even quite a few) still find it difficult to understand what goes where and what to do once they are in a physical shop. Someone told them that Magenta is their top-notch color, and they go in search of it, let's say to Zara, and figure out that either this color is not there, or there might be too many shades of...
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15 Nov

Light Summer Vs Light Spring: Differences & Similarities

light spring vs light summer
Are you wondering what the difference is between the Light Summer vs Light Spring? This article has all the answers! Light Summer vs Light Spring? Light Summer is a light cold color palette, which means that the colors of this palette are primarily light, with an admixture of cold shade predomination; in other words, the palette has a cold color undertone. Because the palette is cool, the colors have a slight bluish undertone; however, this option is not exclusive, and I will show you why. While the Light Spring is a warm palette, it is also light looking conglomeration of colors, but its predomination is obviously higher in temperature and somewhat mellow. Here you can clearly see the difference between Light Summer vs Light...
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2 Nov

Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter: Differences & Similarities

deep autumn vs deep winter
Are you wondering what the difference between Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter is? This article has all the answers! A mildly contrasting color type that stands out with at least two vivid appearance elements is often referred to as Dark or Deep Autumn. This type can also be called a "Sweet November" since the palette of its tones lies on the border between Autumn and Winter. Autumn usually has "muted" warm colors, but the shades that distinguish women of the Deep Autumn subtype cannot be completely called as such. These are very noticeable beauties; their appearance has been influenced by Winter, which means that although the colors of the Deep Autumn are rich and deep, they are brighter and cooler than the...
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19 Oct

Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer: Differences And Similarities

soft autumn vs soft summer
Are you wondering what the difference is between Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer? This article has all the answers! Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer? Surely you have heard that all people are divided into four main color types. However, there are also types and subtypes that do not have a deep rich description while having a much wider spectrum of color definition. Similarities of Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer Soft Autumn and Soft Summer types are both transitional types, and not only that, but also they are seasonal and factual "neighbours." The owners of which will jump from one color palette to another one just by virtue of being "in transition." The skin undergone in both seasons will be very similar or even the...
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7 Oct

True Autumn vs True Spring: Can Spring Wear Autumn & Vice Versa

True Autumn Vs True Spring
Are you wondering what the differences & similarities between True Autumn vs True Spring are? This article has all the answers! True Autumn vs True Spring? The autumn color palette type, like spring, refers to a warm color undertone. However, these two seasonal color palettes are completely different. I am going to discuss this topic on the examples of Evangeline Lily and Rachel Lefevre as True Autumns and Léa Seydoux and Amy Adams as True Springs. True Autumn Color Palette If we talk about skin tone (and the skin tone is the basis of the color), then, as a rule, in the Autumn color type it is either a light pale shade, a golden hue of champagne, or a golden beige or peach hue tones....
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24 Sep

True Summer vs True Winter: Differences and Similarities In Color Palette

true summer vs true winter
Are you wondering what the difference is between True Summer vs True Winter? This article has all the answers! Differences and similarities of True Summer vs True Winter color types are unique in their own way. It can be simultaneously defined as the most common palettes and the most diverse ones at the same time. I will take Lizzy Caplan and Bella Heathcote as typical representatives of the summer color type and Georgina Rodriguez and Monica Bellucci as Winter types. You can spot the difference in those pictures. The hue and the contrast comes first and there is a clear visible difference between the two types. Skin tone is always the basis of color. In the case of summer, it is always a cold undertone....
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30 Aug

Light Spring Vs Bright Spring: Can You Wear Cool Colors?

light spring vs bright spring
Are you wondering how to distinguish Light Spring vs Bright Spring and what other colors you can wear? This article will answer all your questions! Light Spring Vs Bright Spring: Can You Wear Cool Colors? The spring season pleases us with a bright sun, fresh greenery, clear piercing blue sky, bright sprouts breaking out of the ground, and piercing yellow coltsfoot flowers. In appearance - the shades of the spring color type are light, soft, warm and radiant. Eyes: sky blue, green, blue-green, watery, hazel, bright hazel as well. Skin: peach-porcelain, light apricot with a golden blush, you might have freckles, or your skin could fluctuate from ivory-white with the slightest pink blush to slightly yellowish and tanned in summer. Light Spring hair is light and...
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15 Aug

Deep Winter Vs Bright Winter: Can You Wear Autumn & Spring Colors?

deep winter vs bright winter
Are you wondering how to distinguish between deep winter vs bright winter? This article will answer your doubts! How to decipher between deep winter vs bright winter? Winter is the time when nature almost "freezes in time," resting from the deep, rich saturated colors of the warm season and plunging into the cold. Winter color type can be called the brightest and most contrasting type of appearance. Among others, the Winter color type representatives are the easiest to recognize and identify. The vast majority of those who are called "femme fatal" belong to the winter season. In such women, the contrast between the color of the three main indicators of appearance is most clearly visible: hair, eyes and skin and...
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