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5 Dec

Kibbe Dramatic Classic Winter Outfits: A Complete Style Guide

dramatic classic winter outfits
Trying to find your Kibbe Dramatic Classic Winter outfits this time around? That's what you need to know! Dramatic classics, with their red-painted lips and clean-winged eyeliner, are the epitome of calculated power. A professional, a businesswoman— influenced by sophistication, poise, and class.  For dramatic classics, winter is undeniably the most ideal season to portray that controlled power and sophistication. It’s officially the time to welcome the blazers, formal vests, ties, tilted fedoras, pearls, and a little leather and fur.  There’s nothing quite likely as puissant, dominant, and influential as a woman in men’s clothing, i.e., the three-piece tailored suit. It screams power in the most professional and controlled demeanor. Follow the suit with leather gloves, stiletto heels, hands in your pocket, and a...
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29 Nov

What Colors Go With Royal Blue vs Cobalt Clothes

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Choosing Between Royal Blue and Cobalt For Your Next Outfit This article will help you with this choice! Choosing the right shade of blue for your outfit can significantly affect your overall look and style. Blue is a versatile color that can be both calming and bold, depending on the shade you choose. In this article, I will explore the differences between royal blue and cobalt, two popular shades of blue, and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Understanding the psychology of color and how it can impact your outfit is also crucial in making the right choice. I will also discuss how to choose the right shade for your skin tone, dress for different occasions, mix and match with other...
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22 Nov

Soft Natural Autumn Outfits: How To Dress As An SN This Fall!?

soft natural body type fall outfits
Are you wondering what to wear this fall season for SN body type? This article has all the answers! It’s an art to dress so effortlessly yet look so stylish this Autumn — That’s Kibbe Natural body type for you. Comfortable, relaxed, natural, yet always fashionable!  It’s not a secret that our current fashion world revolves around trends that are colored with a natural essence— denim, loose-fits, baggy variants, sweatshirts, vests, hoodies, t-shirts, and nude colors, just to name a few.  Everything in our current fashion world is kibbe natural-coded. However, of course, that’s not all there is for your body type. Casual fits are just the start; there’s a whole era of style choices just for your body type, and we’ll unravel them...
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15 Nov

Ultimate Color Combinations To Match With Grey Clothes In My Comprehensive Guide

colors that go with grey clothes
I Revealed What Colors Go With Grey This article has all the answers! Grey color in culture, its meaning, and symbolism. What shades of this color are there? Grey value Either a timeless quality or a protracted gift is conveyed by grey, damp, fog, and ashes. A temperate climate prevails throughout the majority of Northern European territory. Long grey seasons are its defining feature. The picture is completed by the leaden sky of winter and the soggy, rainy summer. These circumstances lead to color starvation, intensifying feelings of melancholy, indifference, etc. Cloudy color is therefore rejected. The golden medium between black and white is called grey. It stands for consistency, satiety, and routine. A "grey man" is a common person, or everyman, in European...
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5 Nov

True Autumn vs True Autumn: Misconceptions & Differences Within One Type

true autumn vs true autumn
Fall in Love with Your True Autumn Colors Tips for determining your Autumn season Autumn is a season that is often associated with beauty and inspiration. The changing colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air, and the cozy feeling of wrapping oneself in warm layers all contribute to the allure of this season. It is no wonder that Autumn also inspires our fashion choices. The rich and vibrant colors of autumn can be seen in the fashion trends that emerge during this time of year. In this article, I will explore the concept of dressing for the season based on your Autumn color palette and the differences between True Autumn vs True Autumn and an In-Transition type. true autumn color palette true...
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11 Oct

Suggestions For Kibbe Romantic Autumn Outfits

kibbe romantic autumn outfits
Are you wondering what to wear during Autumn if you are a Romantic body type? This article has all the suggestions for Kibbe Romantic Autumn outfits! The fall season does come with a free pass for romantic individuals to wear as many dresses as humanly possible, quite literally unabashedly, right?  The long length adorned with floral prints, romantic colors, sweet necklines, and lush (faux) fur shawl is a combination that will forever remain an autumn iconic for your romantic body type. However, that can’t be all, right? It’s not!  Indulge in luxury because fall does come with the added benefit of draping yourself in affluent, warm fabric choices, custom prints, embedded diamonds, and designs to die for! Casual attires aren’t lost in the breeze...
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28 Sep

Kibbe Dramatic Fall Outfits: Navigate Through Autumn With These Tips

kibbe dramatic fall outfits
Are you wondering what are the next Kibbe Dramatic fall outfits? This article has all the answers! For dramatics, the fall season smells fresh of leather (faux), cheetah prints, the color mud red, body jewels, and oversized silhouettes. And while each season is a box full of bold choices for you, the fall season takes the cake home. Why?  Styling and layering without losing your authentic charm is a fruitful challenge, and what dramatic individual has ever backed down from a good challenge, right?  Your element is drama; your element is success. Your element is power, and your element is dangerous. How to incorporate that with your fall outfit choices? We’ll get there soon! Here’s the best catch, fall season’s fresh breeze expects you...
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26 Sep

True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn: Which One Fits You?

True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Are you wondering what the difference is between True Autumn, vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn? This article will answer all the interesting questions! Autumn is a season of change, and it's not just the leaves that are transforming. Your whole personality or what we call a "vibe" (P.S. and for the vibes, I'd consult the Kitchener system if you're looking for the answers) can also shift during this time of year, and it's essential to understand which type of Autumn color palette you are. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn color palettes and how they can impact your fashion choices (I know a lot of people are also using...
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18 Sep

Classic Style Essence By John Kitchener: Style Your Wardrobe With Elegance, Poise, And Sophistication!

classic style essence
Are you wondering what Classic Style Essence is? This article has all the answers! Do you have an intense desire to dress more timelessly, elegantly, and gracefully rather than dramatically or sensually? Do you relate with women of historic royalty more than current-day women? Does Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn inspire you the most in terms of styling and fashion? Welcome to the classic style essence by John Kitchener! This style essence portrays balance, poise, and class. Mind you, it’s not boring or dull as is mostly perceived— dressing timelessly is all about sophistication, modesty, and charm.  Individuals with this style essence execute royalty— one look at their superiority is enough to notice how elegant, proper, and collected they always appear.  It’s not only an...
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31 Aug

The Eight Style Roots— Find Your Core Aesthetics And The Clothes That Best Suit Your Vibe

style roots
Are you wondering what the 8 style roots system is? This article will help you understand it! What's this fuss all about the eight style roots? It’s good when Kibbe body types match your personality, but it’s a dilemma for individuals who don’t confide in these style aesthetics. It’s not rare for individuals to feel lost in their own body types. Their body may have “Kibbe Dramatic” imprinted in BOLD; but their soul may want to translate a different story, perhaps more gentle, sweet, or sensual.  This is where “Style Roots” comes into play. It’s a simplified style system, articulated to help you dress according to your personalized aesthetics without feeling constricted or strained.  In a way, “Style Roots” is relatively similar to ‘Kitchener style essence,” yet...
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