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23 Mar

Popular Style Inspirations You Should Try: All-times Must-Haves

style inspirations
Are you wondering what popular style inspirations could compliment your wardrobe? This article has all the answers! In the fashion industry, where trends are made and broken each season, it is essential to have a personal style that reflects what you stand for.  In order to be successful in this industry, one must create their own brand by understanding who they are and what they want to represent. style inspirations style inspirations style inspirations Creating your own personal style can be a daunting task. It's hard to know where to start, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about personal style, from finding your aesthetic to choosing the right colors and...
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22 Mar

Colors That Go With Teal: How To Mix And Match Wardrobe?

colors that go with teal
Are you wondering what are the colors that go well with teal in wardrobe? This article has all the answers! For many people, the process of deciding what to wear is a chore that they put off until the last minute. But for those who take some time to plan out their wardrobe, it can be an enjoyable part of the day. Deciding what color to wear has been a challenge for people throughout the ages. What color to wear at the top, what to wear at the bottom, even choosing the color of accessories can be a daunting task. Most people know that certain colors go well together. But there are a few people who don't know that certain colors go great...
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10 Mar

All-Times Capsul Student Wardrobe Essentials For College Girls

Student Wardrobe Essentials
Are you wondering how student wardrobe essentials look like and how to wear them? This article has all the answers! In order to prevent fashionable "hiccups" from happening to you, remember: the capsule student wardrobe essentials are the basis or a "canvas" of the wardrobe, and everyone should have it completed right. The specific set varies depending on age, social status, lifestyle, size and texture of appearance. The basic wardrobe is not a universal thing that suits everyone without exception and is equally appropriate in any life situation. They should be universal only for you and the life period that you live. Universal for all can look faceless if your appearance doesn't coincide with the neutral set of clothes. student wardrobe essentials student wardrobe essentials student...
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4 Mar

Monica Bellucci Dresses & Outfits: Romantic Dramatic Body Type

Monica Bellucci dresses
Are you wondering how Monica Bellucci dresses and what her body type is? This article has all the answers! Is it all just about Monica Bellucci dresses and gorgeous outfits that makes everyone astonished by her? Why does everyone like her style so much? They intuitively understood their natural lines and followed them in the design of their appearance! Let's take a look at the style for Romantic Dramatic (R.D.) using the example of Monica Bellucci. Monica Bellucci dresses Monica Bellucci dresses Monica Bellucci dresses Representatives of the Romantic Dramatic type are always attractive hourglass figures. The presence of a waist and always predominating female lines in the body can be in a higher quantity due to the dramatic. The nature of the lines of the body...
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11 Feb

Natural Dramatic: Rosie Huntington Whiteley Style

natural dramatic
Are you wondering how natural Dramatic body type looks like and how to style it? This article has all the answers! Rosie Huntington Whiteley is a "mixed" Natural Dramatic type with the facial dominant feature of a pure Natural, and the body is Natural and Dramatic. How should Rosie's appearance be styled in this case? natural dramatic natural dramatic natural dramatic For a pure Natural dominant of the face, all types are available in which Natural is an integral part: Pure Natural, Natural Dramatic, Natural Romantic, Gamine Natural. Given that Rosie's body is mixed, then not only Natural styles will suit her, but also purely Dramatic or Natural Dramatic. For the best disclosure of the appearance, any of these styles will need to be combined with the...
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9 Feb

Gamine Romantic Body Type Style: Natalie Portman Wardrobe, Makeup, Hair

gamine romantic
Are you wondering how the Gamine Romantic style looks like and what celebrity is it? This article has all the answers! The faces of the representatives of the Gamine Romantic type are very diverse. This is because in the Gamine Romantic type, Gamine (the type with the most prominent head if compared to the body) and Romantic (the type with the smallest head close to the body's overall shape), so those are mixed into one type. Gamine Romantic In Gamine Romantic body types merge: Gamine face with a more voluminous forehead and lighter chin and quite a Romantic face, weighted down by a smooth square chin. gamine romantic gamine romantic gamine romantic Gamine face with a prominent forehead and lighter chin and quite a Romantic face, weighted...
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7 Feb

Dramatic Gamine Body Type: Sarah Jessica Parker Style Analysis

dramatic gamine
Are you wondering what Dramatic Gamine Body type is? This article has all the answers with Sarah Jessica Parker Style analysis! Everyone, or almost everyone who is faced with the topic of style, and not only, watched the Sex and the City series, with Sarah Jessica Parker as the main character, Carrie Bradshaw. Today we will analyse her type of appearance according to the Dwyn Larson type system. dramatic gamine dramatic gamine dramatic gamine So, Sarah's height is 160 cm. The set of possible types is immediately sharply reduced due to low growth. dramatic gamine dramatic gamine This is the theoretical analysis by the system of Dwyn Larson, and here we can see the features of Dramatic to the left and the Gamine to the right. As you see, the...
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4 Feb

Dwyn Larson System: + 20 Body Types for Kibbe Admirers

Dwyn Larson System
Are you wondering what Dwyn Larson system is and what body type you are? This article has all the answers! The typology of Dwyn Larson system is far from the first attempt to analyse the lines and scales of appearance to find the most harmonious design. This is an improved version of David Kibbe's theory. He proposed the division into style types back in the 1980s and even wrote the book "Metamorphoses", an instant bestseller in the United States. Dwyn Larson System Explained Kibbe's theory was based on the relationship of the lines of appearance with the male (yang - coal) and the feminine (yin - roundness). Dwyn Larson proved that there are no ugly women. It is only essential to know your style type.Despite the...
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29 Jan

Bella Hadid Body, Face, Style: Soft Dramatic Body Type Wardrobe

Bella Hadid body
Are you wondering what Bella Hadid body looks like and how she styles her wardrobe? This article has all the answers! Bella Hadid body is organic and attractive in her lines. The style of an interesting and charismatic female model, Bella Hadid, can be described as "black silver". Her face looks extremely dramatic, her body is well toned, and she herself embodies iron fragility. As if it had been forged for a long time and it turned out to be an inflexible outlandish flower with iron petals. Bella's gaze is heavy, a look from under closed, narrowed eyes. It is difficult for Kibbe's dramatic types to present themselves regarding the myths of femininity, gossip, and bone washing that exist in folk art....
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26 Jan

Blake Lively Body, Face, Style: Flamboyant Natural Body Type Wardrobe

Blake Lively body
Are you wondering what Blake Lively body looks like and what Kibbe Type is it? This article has all the answers! Blake Lively body, face, and style: where did it all start? The famous series "Gossip Girl" excited the hearts and minds of many girls worldwide. Bright, exciting outfits of one of the main characters, Serena van der Woodsen, were performed by the beautiful Blake Lively. Today we will analyze her style in detail, and Blake Lively is of particular interest because she represents Kibbe's Flamboyant Natural body types. Blake Lively body Blake Lively body Blake Lively body If the Flamboyant Natural type does not dress correctly, then the woman runs the risk of appearing larger, "bigger" and more voluminous in the body than she...
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