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12 Jun

The Natural Style Essence— How To Style Your Wardrobe?

natural style essence
Are you wondering what is the Natural Style Essence and how to use it for your own benefit? This article has all the answers! The natural style essence is probably the most undervalued in Kitchener's typing system. While in reality, this essence is what leads our current fashion industry!  They can pull off casual outfits with a strong statement. While others may seem 'basic' or 'boring' in a natural wardrobe, individuals with this essence bring life to the most mundane or simple outwears. Can you imagine Aishwarya Rai Bachan wearing loose-fit pants and a plain beige T-shirt? That wouldn't seem and feel right, would it? She looks very basic, boring, and underdressed in natural essence. Now, take Jennifer Lawrence in the same outfit, and...
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9 Jun

Casual Outfit Must Have & How to Style a Leather Jacket For Women

How To Style A Leather Jacket For Women
Are you wondering how to style a leather jacket for women this time around? This article will help you resolve your doubt! We know that leather jackets for women have been in the market since forever now and whatever you pair it with it just takes your look to the next level. Whether you're going for a casual or edgy look, a leather jacket adds a touch of sophistication and edge to your ensemble. In this blog post, we will explore ten different ways to style leather jackets for women, providing you with inspiration and ideas to create your own unique looks. Classic and Chic When aiming for a classic and chic look with your leather jacket, it's all about elevating your basics. Start...
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25 May

Gamine Essence— Styling eccentric outfits and mischievous French tuck!

gamine essence
Are you wondering what is Gamine essence and how to dress right for it? This article has all the answers you were looking for! When you think of Kitchener's Gamine essence, playful mischief comes to mind, like a cat pretty in all senses yet daringly savage and naughty - all transcended into fashionable outfits. Her face "screams" beauty, yet her aura has a mischievous smirk underneath.  That's precisely Gamine essence’s vibe. If you know anything about Kitchener's essences and his typing, it's all about the vibe you execute.  John Kitchener describes gamine essence individuals as cunning, calculative, slithery, rebellious, and rogue-ish. Mind you, they are not somber in any sense of existence like the dramatic essence— playfulness, fun, mischief, and whimsical energy runs deep...
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24 May

Romantic Essence— How to style your wardrobe and dress your body type?

romantic essence
Are you wondering what a Romantic Essence is and how to use the style right? This article has all the answers you need! Romantic essence takes you closer to what is called "mature sensuality", connecting you to your root chakra and flaunting appeal. This essence flows throughout your bone structure and is visible in your body and the overall vibe.  Individuals with a romantic style essence have a lifestyle endowed with glamor, extravagance, seduction, indulgence, and lavishness.  While others may seem pretentious and "wannabe divas" when styling themselves with glamor, individuals with romantic essence outshine the crowd with their grandeur and somewhat feminine demeanour.  Sensuality isn't only a "bold" body trait; its intensity runs deep within their souls. You can sense their sultriness whether they...
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4 May

Kibbe Soft Classic Vs Dramatic Classic Body Type— Where Do You Belong? 

soft classic vs dramatic classic
Are you wondering what is the difference between Soft Classic vs Dramatic Classic? This article has all the answers! In your defence, identifying as a Kibbe Classic is already a milestone to cross. With all the vague and balanced details of the main family, individuals are bound to get lost.  There are no highlighted or prominent attributes of the 'Lush Yin' or 'Sharp Yang'— Simply a balance between the two! You are neither too Yin nor too Yang; you are an amalgamation of the two essences.  While it's difficult to pinpoint your Yin or Yang influence, that very factor allows you to take comfort in the fact that you might have a Kibbe classic body type.  soft classic vs dramatic classic When you are neither too...
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26 Apr

Soft Autumn vs True Autumn Color Palette: An “In-Transition” Autumn.

Soft Autumn vs True Autumn
Are you in doubt of what is the difference between Soft Autumn and True Autumn? This article has all the answers and debunks the myth of only one color palette. Before we jump into debunking the color analysis myth, we need to establish the given fact that Autumn is a warm undertone type. So Soft Autumn and True Autumn will be predominantly warm, even though Soft Autumn is a transitional type that serves as a trampoline for the Soft Summer to jump into Autumn because they are located right near each other. The True Autumn will be the central palette of the Autumn family - and of course, its colors are the richest and most saturated. There will be a visible...
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22 Apr

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Vs Romantic Body Type: What You Need To Know

Are you wondering what is the difference between the Theatrical Romantic and Romantic types? This article has all the answers! After going through all those Kibbe image IDs, you think you have finally found your body type— it's Kibbe romantic! You were happy until you realized Kibbe's system has two types of Romantics.  Theatrical romantics and pure romantics. Back to square one? Still confused and lost as to how to dress yourself up? Differentiating between theatrical and pure romantic can be slightly more complex than the other eight Kibbe IDs.  They are very similar in appearance, and the difference between them can quickly go unnoticed unless you are a professional! Honestly, you have every right to be confused between these IDs.  We use three main...
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5 Apr

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine Body Type: What You Need To Know

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine
Are you wondering what is the difference between Flamboyant Gamine and Soft Gamine types? This article has all the answers! Inherently, Flamboyant Gamine and Soft Gamine are both primarily Gamine. Despite being in the same family, both these style archetypes drift away from each other instead of creating a blend. This drift allows them a striking contrast in their appearance, style, and vibe.  Flamboyant Gamine takes a route towards the yang influence, thus appearing more bold, sassy, and dramatic. On the other hand, Soft Gamine highlights itself with a yin undercurrent, creating a gentle, young, and girlish appearance.  In Kibbe's system, Soft Gamine and Flamboyant Gamine sit proudly between the yin and yang spectrums. Dominantly, they are both a mixture (not a blend) of yin...
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4 Apr

True Spring vs True Summer: Differences & Similarities

True Spring vs True Summer
Are you wondering what are the differences between True Spring and True Summer? Learn all about these two color palettes here! As the first thing, we need to establish the fact that warm Spring and cool Summer are two neighbouring seasons and hence the palettes. In this article, I am going to discuss True Spring on the examples of Jane Krakowski, Imogen Poots, and Hayden Panettiere. True Summer type will on the examples of Barbara Palvin and Yael Shelbia. What's similar between True Spring vs True Summer? Both of these palettes are central in their own family and that means they are the most saturated and the most color enhanced from their own clusters. For example, True Summer is the central palette of...
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20 Mar

Soft Natural Vs Soft Gamine Body Types By Kibbe

soft natural vs soft gamine
What's the difference between Soft Natural vs Soft Gamine? This article has all the answers! Although Soft Natural and Soft Gamine body types have a lot of distinctions, it can get confusing for many individuals as to where they belong between the two. The natural yin undercurrent in both body types further pushes people down the rabbit hole, especially if they are 5'7 in height.  Soft Gamine body types are believed to have a height between 5'1 to 5'7. While 5'5 is not a prevalent characteristic height for Soft Naturals, 5'6 and 5'7 definitely are! The height range and the yin undercurrent in Soft Gamine are two main characteristics that confuse people when choosing Soft Natural or Soft Gamine as their Kibbe...
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