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26 Oct

How to appear taller if you are short and female

Are you wondering how to appear taller if you are a shortie?

I have all the recommndation over here!

Good afternoon, my dear readers of my blog! If you looked at me, then you definitely, at least once, asked the question “How to appear taller” like here with this short height? (I’m 160 cm). What if I told you that even tall models can look short. How is this possible? I’ll tell you in this article. I will share 3 techniques that will help you visually become taller and tell you about the main mistakes. I will also dispel the stereotypes about midi skirts and tell you why the V-neck does not help to make your silhouette look taller.


Tell me if you had this: tried on a thing in the store, looked in the mirror, you absolutely liked everything, bought it, came home, dressed it, and “oh gosh”! As if in front of you a completely different person? Or maybe you still felt in the store that something was wrong, but you simply didn’t have the strength to look for another option?

All these situations are familiar to me from personal experience, once I also came across this.

Here are 3 mistakes to look out for, fix, and half the battle in your pocket:


The dressing rooms of the shops are very small and you have to examine yourself right next to the mirror, and there is also really bad lighting. In life, we are seen from a distance of 2-3 meters and this is perceived in a completely different way. Exit the fitting room into the hallway with a large mirror, walk a couple of steps, watch the clothes in motion. You can take a photo of yourself and see the photo. It helps a lot too.

Inadequate self-assessment?

This is, of course, a separate topic, but I will say – look at yourself not from the standpoint of criticism, other people’s labels, and opinions, but from the standpoint of awareness, logic, and an independent look from the outside.


Don’t trust stereotypes. They arise from misuse of information. Think about logic. Look at things from a different angle, which one, I will just tell you further.


Dear readers, in order to understand how you can be visually taller, you must first determine the reason “Why or for what reason do we want to appear taller?”. To understand how to deal with the issue, you need to determine what “hurts: first. Do you agree?

  • Small stature, associated with a child. Who had this? We can feel how people don’t take us seriously at work or school. There are many business women among my clients. They just need to be perceived as professionals in the business, and not as budding teen assistants.

It happens that in a restaurant in the company of a husband, they mistake him for his younger sister or daughter. I want to look taller to add femininity to my looks. And also, if we seem taller, self-esteem rises, and this is very, very important! After all, the image of an attractive woman as a tall, long-legged model has been replicated.

So why does the human eye perceive tall stature as something beautiful?


In fact, height is not as important as the ratio of the length of the legs to the body. If a tall person naturally has short legs and a long body, even with a large growth, he will seem shorter. This is even found in models.

What’s the matter? It’s all about the rule of the golden ratio. In short, a person’s height is 8 parts of the length of his head. If you measure your head from chin to crown, it will fit about 8 times your height. The rule of the golden ratio offers us a harmonious proportion: torso = 3 heads to the waist, legs = 5 heads from the waist. That is 3/5.

The golden ratio is laid down by nature itself, fish, shells, animals, and a huge number of other things obey it. This is the foundation that we will take as a basis for an objective logical assessment of our figure and creating the illusion we need.


Now that we know that no clichés, labels, and other people’s opinions will prevent us from achieving our goal, a short instruction is below:

  • Stand up straight, take a selfie or ask someone to take a photo (important! Do not distort the picture).
    Look at the photo, roughly estimate whether your figure corresponds to the ratio of 3/5.
    If your legs made up 5 parts of the head, congratulations, you can afford to be naughty and even break these proportions. Today it is very fashionable, but it must be done correctly.
  • If your legs are about 4 or 4.5, don’t be discouraged! We’re here to “cheat”.


Moving on to the most important thing, how can you make your legs look longer if it is not enough in the golden ratio?


There are several ways to do this. The first and the simplest one is to create a vertical of color in the image. What it is?

This is when in the image we create a vertical line using color. In different sources, there is absolutely incorrect information, be careful. Building vertical doesn’t mean dressing head to toe in the same color. This means that you do not “cut” your image with horizontal lines. Use colors that are not contrasting to each other. For example, you can combine black, wine, dark burgundy, or alternatively white, pastel and nude.

The color vertical can be both inside and outside. You can wear any coat color, and choose trousers and a blouse in similar colors, or vice versa, trousers and a jacket in similar colors and a blouse of any color. There can be many such options, including with dresses. Be careful, if you take off your outerwear indoors, the method may stop working.

Be mindful of the color of your tights, shoes, and the piece of bare feet from the shoe to the beginning of your pants. All these elements should also be non-contrasting to each other.

Contrary to popular belief that the V-neckline stretches the image, I mean that it only makes the torso zone longer, changing the proportions of your neck. … Be careful.


Another way is to visually make the torso shorter. This will create the desired 3/5 aspect ratio. To visually make the torso shorter, we can use cropped tops. So against this outlook, the legs will seem longer. The second option is to use horizontal colors. For example, the look will look great: a dark top tucked into a bright high-waisted skirt. Make sure that the horizontal divide your body in a 3/5 ratio. The shorter the clothes on top, the longer the legs appear. It is better to choose jackets longer than mid-thigh.

Be careful, this is a very cool technique, but you need to check how it suits your specific figure.


There are many variations and combinations in this method. I will briefly tell you about the simplest and most effective ones. We raise the waist. What does it mean?

It is better to buy models with an already high waist. A little secret, if you wear, for example, a skirt just above the natural level of the waist, then the legs will seem endless.

Earlier I wrote about the vertical color, in fact, it is the same, only directly in the legs. Pointed shoes. It makes the leg visually longer. Do not be afraid of these shoes, as petite girls often have small feet. It will not look “like skis”.

Don’t believe the stereotype of midi skirts and floor-length skirts. Anything can be miniature! The main thing is to know the secret. If you buy such a skirt, be sure to wear it at the waist. Also take into consideration the existence of flowing fabrics, arrows on trousers, and mini styles. I advise you not to overuse the mini, evaluate your figure, think about what event you are going to, maybe you should use one of the other tricks.

It is important to remember that the visual correction of growth must be done simultaneously with the correction of the volume of your body, taking into account the lines and many other nuances. That is why all these methods are not 100% universal!

If you want to learn all these subtleties, as well as learn how to create stylish images, find your colors and combine them cool, choose jewelry, sunglasses, hats, shoes, bags, clothes, and also know where to buy all this low, then you will find more information in my articles here:


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P.S Here are some more small life hacks as a bonus for those who have read to the end:

  • Avoid a drop-shoulder coat as it expands. It is better to choose a coat where the shoulder is in place. However, this rule is not for everyone! Much depends on the proportions
  • High waist – not suitable for those who do not have a pronounced waist. Carefully if the bottom is flat
  • Choose shoes that match your pointed toes.
  • Roll up your sleeves proportionality in details and accessories. But here you need to take into account not only height, but also the physique as a whole.


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