How To Look Expensive: The Ultimate Style Guide
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6 Dec

How To Look Expensive: The Ultimate Style Guide

how to look expensive
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The Big Secret Revealed: How to look expensive with just one color 

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info.


Can you imagine? All these commercials of very expensive brands are just marketing campaigns for convincing you to buy their products. And this absolutely true!

Have you ever noticed that the more beautiful woman is in the advertisement – the more you are open to spending your money on the product even if you don’t even need it? Just take a look at a Perfumes campaign. Whenever you see these perfectly photoshopped and edited faces – the more you want to look and feel how they do.

You just instantly want to be in alignment with that kind of lifestyle and be in resonance with that luxury smell. You subconsciously create a projection of being that person from the cover of the magazine if only you had that perfume or a thing.

It’s not just words that I say, these are scientific facts!


If you think that you can only purchase things at expensive boutiques like Louis Vuitton, you would be very wrong! I agree with you LV is a brand with a long history and for a lot of ladies it is something of value, but not to my own opinion. I see so many fake copies that women of Europe wear, that it’s becoming ridiculously unreasonable to be wearing the emblem of LV.

Dear women! Why do you want to look like everybody else?

This question has been all over my mind for a very long time and I still have no answer to it. You need to help me out with finding it!

There are so many other magnificent much more affordable and very good quality brands that for some reason nobody is taking into consideration. If you are buying a fake copy of LV bag – just take a little time to think about something that would be made of real genuine material, whether it’s real leather or eco-material.

Recently I have found a fabulous brand that makes incredible quality bags: Purificacion Garcia. The quality is outstanding – the prices are affordable – gives the vibe of luxury.

If you really want to wear something that reminds you of a big brand bag but you are still deciding whether to invest in that, you can easily try the look-alike out.

It’s not fake and it does not contain a brand tag. Store like Zara or ASOS has plenty of dope things that are actually dope dupes.

Look what you can find in the online store. The bag is of real genuine leather and suede in beige and brown color with gold-tone hardware.

Here you can find a lot of designer lookalikes. It’s a really wise choice to try a bag model before actually investing in it. Because after all, you might not find this bag as useful and pretty as you thought you would for the first time.


I’m sure you said YES! But…you don’t know how to look good because you don’t know yet how to do it with little money.

Here is the reveal of the BIG SECRET to looking expensive and chic for every occasion.


This is just one colorBEIGE. Beige has been known as a color of royalty since ancient ages. You can never go wrong with this color, it compliments all the nationalities and skin tones.

how to look expensive

Most of my outfits consist of just beige, white, and brown where beige is the main color.

  • If you need to go to the office because you have an office job – think about a beige geometrical jacket.
  • If you need to go out later in the evening – beige figure fitted dress
  • If you need no formal outfit – beige jeans will serve perfectly well even if you have a very important interview.

The other chic looking color is WHITE. Let’s be honest here, a total white look always looks wonderful. White color is not only expensive-looking but also it looks like you are “celebrating” something as if you’re dressed for a “big day”. Just pay attention, white always brings the elevated mood and makes you look more chic.

how to look expensive

The next color is BROWN. It can be light or dark leather-like or when used with genuine leather items. These staple things usually serve a long-term wardrobe. It’s definitely a staple piece to have if you want to appear more luxurious and as someone who knows good things in fashion. Usually, it works well for a bag, purse, belt, shoes, jacket.

how to look expensive
how to look expensive

One more color that you can reconsider is BLACK. This color can be tricky and it does not work for all. Usually, we think that a little black dress is the most universal item to have in your wardrobe, but that is just not true. Black cannot be colder or warmer.

how to look expensive

For example, for people with warm skin color, it might wash the whole appearance out which will make you look worse. While people with colder shade (like a brunette, brown eyes, whiter, or very dark skin) would actually benefit from black.

So let’s make it clear, black will look good if your skin color lets you use it. Here you can check which color type you are.

If you are a warmer type this does not mean that you need to throw the black wardrobe out completely. This just means that you need to minimize it and take it away from the face area. Keep it for the shoes, belt, begs, and bottom wardrobe pieces.

If you are colder type this means that you can use black and shades of black in your wardrobe starting from the total black outfit.

The other color is BLUE. Pay attention to it from light blue to dark blue. This color can be used by all and goes well in a combination of brown, white, and beige colors.

how to look expensive


HORSE RIDING STYLE is my top favorite when it comes to looking cool and expensive. These items do not need to be from a big brand, but if you reconsider the colors mentioned above you will see that it’s quite easy to achieve. Like my friend said: “Horse riding fashion looks like old heritage money”. And let’s be honest, riding a horse is indeed expensive.

how to look expensive

So what I usually wear myself and recommend others: Jeans or pants in beige and light-beige colors, leather brown boots, white t-shirt (better a polo) or a white basic shirt and a beige, brown, dark blue blazer.

how to look expensive

CASUAL CHIC is usually worn by women for work that does not require strict business attire. That would need to be a blazer of a basic color, a basic shirt (like white) and deep blue jeans, palazzo or banana trousers, tailored basic color pants.

how to look expensive

FEMININE STYLE is always a good idea if the colors are right. You will definitely make a good choice if you have that one dress that matches all parameters. I always recommend choosing a dress as per body shape. The best looking pieces are always made of good material like silk, leather, cotton, linen. Take into consideration the funky print which is not always a good idea.

how to look expensive

Check Out Your Body Shape Wardrobe:


When it comes to your face looking expensive, it’s actually all about being healthy and somewhat symmetrically even. Even though we didn’t choose which face to get at the birth time, we can still look chic using makeup.

What would looking expensive mean when it comes to makeup? That means:

  • healthy-looking foundation
  • voluminous eyelashes
  • well defined eyes/ eyebrows
  • naturally looking lips color
  • natural blush

Things that I would recommend investing in are a good foundation that could be lightweight and a good coverage concealer.

A mascara to hold a curl and a volumizing one for the second coat.

A blush of a natural color or a bronzer if it’s summer.

A lipstick and a lipgloss that would match the whole natural look.


Well, now it’s tricky because you may have your outfit all set up. but if your nails are chipped that would ruin the whole look. You do not need to get your nails done professionally at the salon, you can do it yourself.

The most important thing is to take care of your cuticle. Get a good oil or a hand cream with moisturizing effect and do not skip on that step before you sleep!

The nail polish can be transparent, milky, white, beige, pink, or french. Those are the most useful and classic colors that you will never get bored of.




Let me know what you think in the comments down below. It’s that easy!


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